Saturday, June 26, 2010

Farewell Norrath

I've decided to cancel my Everquest 2 account. I still have some time left on it and I plan on popping in a few more times before I take my hiatus. So, you really won't see me writing about it so much in the near future.

Will I be back? I'm sure I will. I'm just not feeling the pull currently, the connection. There are many things I will miss a lot. Mentoring, housing and appearance slots to name a few.

What happened? The game is top heavy and I solo way too much. The levels feel they are dragging by and while there are tons of quest there are so many where one feels overwhelmed at the prospect of which one to work on throughout the vast zones. These zones are massive. 

I can't say that is the only reason. I suppose friends leaving the game didn't help. Some don't play as much some left the server. Dire moved on to WoW and I miss having someone to run dungeons with. Originally I came back to play with friends. The community is top heavy and a majority of focus is on the longtime gamers. Look at EQ2players, town crier, it showcases the old players. Maybe I've just grown bored, it's not from lack of things to do, maybe more so the lack of people to do them with?

So I will be playing in my comfort zone my 'own domain' back in my element, WoW. I know the mechanics inside out, the zones, the quests. I don't need to tab out to look up every quest I do. If I want a group it's only a click away with the new system. While I complain about the system it is easy for me to play what spec I feel like playing. The LFD has no personal favor on which class or spec I pick, it simply randomly generates me into a group based on the roles needed at that time.

I'm enjoying being back taking things slowly. I'm doing daily quest, gathering materials to sell items I craft. Let me say I do enjoy WoW's tradeskill system. It is good to be back to simplicity. I don't have to babysit the tradeskill process and cross my fingers in hope that it works. I already have two thousand gold saved up, maybe I'll save up for that hog I've always wanted!

I suppose losing everything on my main in WoW caused me to realize how much I did not want to leave WoW or lose my accomplishments. I'm taking precautions not to have that happen again, going the extra mile for authenticators. While there are rare occasions of these being hacked-  when it comes to security issues, the rate of theft with them is much lower than without- it's extra protection. So I'm waiting on them to get here, they were quite cheap $6.50 USD. I can't wait, I will feel safer and I have to admit the Core Hound pup is a nice bonus! I said I'd never get one, sometimes we eat our words after events alter our mindset.

Any of my EQ2 friends reading, always feel free to drop me a line to say hello on here or my email
kaozz @ I love to keep in touch, that goes for anyone who would like to drop me a line sometime.

Have a great weekend all! Something 'poppy' to listen to ;)



  1. This waa a good post your writing skills are excellent! Yo have played such a long time as others havent is why your so bored too! Wow maybe needs new levels? Or you need a new hobby? lol

  2. Sorry to see ya go.. Enjoyed meeting you in game.. Have fun in WOW...

  3. @ Janet ty ;)

    @ Blackice- Aw I'm sure I'll be back in the future. Don't be a stranger!




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