Thursday, June 10, 2010

All Settled In

Ahh... I've been so tired these last few days with moving. Finally we have everything settled in. We've had internet since we moved in but I had to grab a new route and the connection is really fantastic. I actually got my desk up last night and I've been so busy, I wasn't in the mood to sit on the floor until then. The floor and a backache don't mix well heh. I've really been too busy until today to do much of anything on the computer.

Dire had been wanting to play Everquest together, since the move and having no latency issues whatsoever, he has been PvPing in WoW mostly. My character is still standing there stripped of gear, I'm waiting on Blizzard to try and get my stuff back. My subscription is dwindling away. Yay.

Mostly I've been playing Dragon Age: Origions when I've had some time, which hasn't been much since we moved. I'm having a lot of fun with it so far. I suppose I will be sticking with EQ2 while Dire plays WoW, I don't know if I can really stick with it when I get bored so easily.

EQ2 Players hasn't listed me back up for a couple of weeks, I assume I said something that they didn't like. Who knows. Which kind of gets under my skin as they mainly highlight a select few long time EQ2 players, same ol' same ol'. It does affect my outlook to a point, when it comes to community relations. When you cater to a few select players it looks well... lazy and closed minded. I'd like to see more players up there on an often basis with different outlooks on the game. So, yeah it makes me not as inclined to play when I think about it- But, I really enjoy EQ2, so I don't think it is enough to make me quit or anything, just an irritation.

With this kickin' connection I can download things much faster so I may try some more games, trials, soon. Maybe some F2P games, even poke back into Allods to see how it is going. So that is pretty much what you can expect to hear about this week and next, with some EQ2 into the mix as well I'm sure.

Safe adventures all!


  1. Youll soon be rested and settled in your cosy home! I love this dragon he is so beautiful!!

  2. Feeling better already. Yeah he is quite pretty- <3 Dragons!




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