Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Wonder if Lord Ahune uses Real ID.. (WoW)

I was surprised this year to find that you can join LFG for Ahune. It teleports you right to the spot to start, which is really cool.  Plus the 'goodie bag' for the reward is nice, I got some frost emblems and there is a new pet Frigid Frostling. I really want to get this little guy. Last year I got the Scorchling and was very happy.

There's a couple of new things with this weeks patch that I';m not crazy about. The new chat window. Supposedly it works better but I just don't care much for it so far. I dislike that big bar sitting there all the time that doesn't fade. Better yet the last person you chat to sets to the default chat, as it use to when you would use group or say. So it's something to consider when chatting in tells. This is because you can hold chat in different windows. It's not horrible but I don't like it so much personally.

Another thing I don't care for is Real ID. Seriously, my account email address and my real name are out there for people to see? If I add them. I'm not up for sharing that info. Yes, there are a few people I play with and talk to that know who I am IRL. I don't want everyone I am friendly with to know this.

Gordon over at We Fly Spitfires wrote really good post on it and brought up a good point, now we can communicate with the Horde with Real ID. Indeed it does break the immersion. Where is my fantasy in my fantasy game, the mystique? A smart thing would have just been to implement a messenger to add whoever as their character.  Make the messenger available in and out of game. Or make a handle required to use it. One that is not changeable. Problem solved!

What are your thoughts on Real ID and the new chat window?

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  1. Yes you can use the dungeon finder for most of the holiday events.

    I for one, wasn't impressed with Real ID, why Blizzard seems determined to go on with using that feature although many have voiced their concerns about it, is beyond me. Even if I do come back to the game, I won't be using it since I don't think everyone should have access to my real name. I didn't like the idea of everyone knowing when I logged on either.

    Let me stay invisible or choose what characters have access to that feature, and please let me use my character names instead of my real name.




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