Saturday, June 5, 2010

Moving- Yay!

Today we finalized things for our new place and got the keys, we are pretty excited. I cannot wait to move! I already made arrangements for power and cable so it should be a smooth transition and we have a week to move our stuff from the old place to the new, by then the net will be ready for us and power switched over. Faster internet! Our connection is craptastic. I will be so glad to have a decent connection again. What we have now is DSL with speeds lower than dial up at times. We have a nice deal for a very fast speed, I will be enjoying that very much so!

I still have not heard anything from Blizzard about my account and restoring my items, it is the weekend though so I hope to hear something next week at some point. I'm not in any big rush to play but I would like to have my items back.

I've been busy and tired lately but playing EQ and EQ2 when I can. Nothing new in EQ really, just grinding out some AA when Dire is on. I've gotten most of my spells for 70 and I am enjoying the Shaman still. Dire is way ahead on the AA points as he plays sometimes when I'm out, I have only been playing when he is on.

In EQ2 I've spent some time working on my house, it's actually a nice way to unwind. I need to get back to leveling my Inquisitor but there is plenty of time for that, I'm not in any rush. My friend Fin gave me some collection items for the Halas bathtub and mounted bear head which are gorgeous! They look great in my house! So that is about all I've been up to!

Have a great weekend!

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