Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shadow or Holy... Hrmm

I'm considering, this evening, doing some heroics as Holy to get a feel for it again. I have dual spec, which is nice, so I wanted to utilize it and try to decide what direction to go if I want to get into raiding again. I have some badges saved up for an item or two and I'm just not sure which spec to spend them on. I have gear for both specs, neither is new to me. I have taken quite a vacation from this character though, so it's sort of deciding what I want at this point and getting a feel for it again.

Both specs have their pros and cons. Shadow is really a lot of fun. I'm not the one watching the health bars, I'm casting and watching numbers fly! The queue is a bit longer, it's not bad though. I suppose the nice things about healing would be that I do enjoy healing also, it can be rewarding (Not always in heroics where people are mute, at times!) and you get groups- Instantly! Raiding it can be a bit more rewarding.

Nothing has changed on the LFG scene. Most people don't reply when I say hello, I've just not bothered even saying anything in some groups. I try to overlook this because not every group is like this. There are some where people are quite chatty, lively groups which are like a breath of fresh air. So I just try to take the good with the bad.

Dire has been enjoying the Rogue again. It's not as quick getting groups as our last combo was, but sometimes we need to change things up. He does have a Paladin that is 80, so technically he could go tank/dps with it, if he really wanted. Of course I would go Holy. If he doesn't decided to, the rogue is fine. It's all about fun!

So, that is what I've been up to. Nothing exciting, just having a nice time being back, trying to take things as they come. I think I spent more time working on my banner last night then playing.

See you in Azeroth!


  1. SHADOW, always shadow. he-he It's the most fun spec for Priest. Unless you have the gear for holy-smite spec, thats pretty fun too.

    Going back to horde? You and Pitrelli have a hankering for some no rules kill on sight, keep what you kill action. Thats how the horde runs.

    My girl friend just started playing WoW with me, but its a long process of "whats that?, Where did u go?, and omg why is this killing me??!!" LOL its kinda amusing and brings some of that 'new-life' back to the old game, but can get frustrating to play long periods of time with. My biggest issue now is do I buy her the game?? and update her trial account to Wotlk? Ugg.

    Anyways the point of that was, it must be nice to have someone to play with who is on par with the game/skill in which you can do things.

  2. Yeah, I am leaning heavily towards shadow. I love it. Well, I've actually made my choice, but that is for tomorrows post lol.

    I was the biggest newb when I started playing MMOs years ago! I know how it can be tough, I had to show my husband around and explain a lot in EQ2 but I enjoyed his company. GL on the duo though she might turn out to be better then you expect, in time hehe.

    It is very nice to have someone to play with, that plays well. My husband is one of the best players I know and I'm spoiled by that!




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