Wednesday, May 12, 2010

For 'teh' Horde!

So, the trip back to Alliance was short lived. While I do still want to work on my lowbies some, I've switched back to the Horde. I'm not saying we won't go back to the Alliance, I am sure, in time, we will. For now though we've decided to play Horde.

What happened? Well it wasn't really my decision as I was happily bopping around on my little alts. Dire just had some bad runs in the BG's and I think he missed the Horde, PvPing with friends and just the feel of it. So he is now playing his Rogue and I Priest. I missed my Priest though!

For now I am Shadow, not sure when I will go Holy. I have dual spec and gear for both but for now I am trying to get back into sync of things without too much pressure. It's been fun so far. At first it was a bit overwhelming being 80 again. OMG what do I do?! I forgot my rotation! What this spell is now a buff? It's been since... October or so since I played the Priest. So yeah, kind of rusty. But... I got back into the swing of things after taking a bit of time to sort things out.

I made a point not to install recount yet. While I always push myself to do my best, I didn't want the added distraction of a meter. I've had some fun groups, some where nobody says anything, not too many all in all though. I am looking forward to gearing up again. Back to the grind! I would like to find a nice guild also. I spoke to a good friend last night and it was nice to see he was still playing.

I sort of feel like a big meanie bailing out on Pouncie, after she came to Silvermoon and was so excited playing the Alliance. I will still try to work on my others to be able to play them with her. Though she has mentioned moving her Horde characters here- Yay! I just want to be able to play WoW with Dire, playing games together is our thing.

I have noticed Dire seems more interested in WoW than he was with EQ2. He makes more of a point to log in and do stuff, I think it's more interactive for him, as he his really into PvP. He doesn't have much time to play so he can get what he wants done in a far amount of time and have fun still.

I need to get out and get another EQ2 time card.. gah. The only place around here that sells them is Best Buy. So, I may not be poking in there for another day or two. Hope everyone is having a great week and having fun, whatever you may be playing!

Oh- and a new banner added last night! It was feeling sort of naked. Hope everyone likes it :D

Until next time!

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