Friday, May 7, 2010

The Grind Begins! (WoW)

Being back in Azeroth has been fun so far. My time away gave me some perspective on things. I know I will take my sweet time to do what I want. I've decided to level (Yes, another...) Druid, feral this time. I simply love the class. I want to take time and revisit Azeroth once more before the changes Cataclysm will bring. I don't really have much direction this time around. Will I raid? Will I PvP? Who knows, who cares! I will
have fun, that is for sure.
Last night I hit 10, yay bear form! I think 1-10 on most classes is awful. On some classes, Druid and Hunter come to mind especially, getting to 10 is yucky. Most classes don't start to shine until 20. Giving an unclear picture of how the classes really are, even some until much later (Priest-Shadow, Druid- Balance). I really dislike 1-10 in some ways. But it really wasn't bad, it went quickly and now it will be smoother. Once I get cat form it will be smooth sailing.

I have been enticed about some of the changes Cataclysm will bring, very much so with the Druid class. Stat changes in particular. Balance and Resto sharing the same gear.. Yes! No more tree form, Yes! Feral rotation being more forgiving, Yes! Too much pressure and micromanagement take the fun from a game. It starts to become more like a job. Last time I checked, I was the one paying! Remember, I'm from the 'vanilla' days, or rather Pre-BC, where stats were simple and there were no tree Druids.

I also missed the beautiful areas in WoW, it's almost like being in a story book, with the setting. Unreal and enchanting. I like my games to be unrealistic in many ways. WoW does feel a bit tooney compared to EQ2 but I like that. It's nice to have variety. It looks better than it did on my old computer, perhaps the lighting in some areas just looks better.
I was thinking about starting up a nice little guild for friends and I. I'm not sure how that would go. Perhaps I will look for a friendly guild, I will have to see what happens. For now I'm in my own little world, questing and bopping along to my own beat. I'm going to enjoy the grind to 80, I am optimistic it will be more of an adventure than a grind.

See you in Azeroth!


  1. Heya Kaozz,
    Here's hoping I'm part of some of your adventures. I'm sure they'll be fun. I'll return the favor of course. My wee Druid is now 13. I might pop on her this evening and do a bit of exploring.

    It's good to see that you're enjoying playing another Druid. I'm enjoying my little Druid too.

    I'll miss the tree form, always loved it. I do hope they give those who love the tree a cosmetic ability to keep it. I ran around a lot in that form, and you know something even if I was there during Vanilla WoW I still would have been excited about that form, lol. :) I just know what I like. :) I do know a few from Vanilla that are sad about the tree change to, so I'm not the only one who'll miss the tree, lol.

    Yeah, I remember disliking 1 - 10 too, but you know something this time around it wasn't that bad even without BOA gear. I do remember Blizzard did make 1-10 easier, meaning you didn't lose too much health, mana, etc., which helps out tremendously.

  2. Hey Pouncie!

    Yep, I hope to have plenty of adventures ahead of us! I will be on this evening also.

    I suppose each of us have our own taste. Tree form was cute but it got old with me quickly. I do, however, love the feral forms. I enjoy those quite a bit more. Maybe if Tree had more variation or had gotten some changes I would have liked it more. All in all I prefer just being in caster form though, when healing.

    Yeah with the buff to regen 1-10 wasn't so bad. Now I need to hurry to 20 so I can get kitty! I haven't really noticed a big deal not using BoA gear. It's fun wearing newbie gear again lol!




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