Saturday, May 8, 2010


I'm planning on getting closer to 20 this weekend with my little Druid. I was so tired last night, when I got home, I just laid in bed with Dire and watched History channel. He wanted to play the Mage some but he was tired also. Earlier in the day I managed to get to 11 and I messed around on my DK a little bit hitting 59. I wanted to hit 60 with her so I could do the Shattrath Children's Week event, not sure if I will. When I get bored I log one off and the other on. I think I forgot to hearth them last night... so no rested for me today.

I finished up the Children's event with SW and got Speedy the turtle with the Druid. I always pick the pig so I figured I would get something different and he is really cute. I cheated and ported myself around with Dire's mage. I was very glad I didn't have to run to Thereamore. <3 having a mage around!

It's nice running around questing. I will, however, be very glad when I get a mount. I am already tired of running. It's nice also sometimes to revisit those newbie areas. Every part of the game is full of memories. I suppose playing something so long it's bound to have many memories in every corner. I remember places leveling with my brothers, old friends, Dire and my son.

I hope to have some fun and new adventures, with my friend Pouncie and my Dire, this time around. Do you find yourself revisiting old memories when playing in those old areas?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I finally finished the quest for Children's week on my wee NE Druid. It sure was fun, but took a looonggg time. I love exploring so took plenty of photos that I'll need to eventually post on my blog. /sighs I met some very friendly high levels along the way. One priest gave me ayummy stamina buffs. A friendly mage iceblocked a ?? Crosolick as my wee Druid hurried her big furry behind (with Orphan in toe) through the Wetlands. It sure was a lot of fun. /grins

    Something about doing the potential death march through Wetlands as a lowbie was something I've always looked for, no matter how many times I do it. You think it would get old, right?

    However, my Druid will be happy to hit 20 on her so I won't have to walk/run every freaking where! Besides, I've always loved the kitty mounts. Next to the epic Elekk and Kodo, it's the next best mount in game (just my opinion.) ;)

    I'm really getting into the Alliance groove (even more than I thought possible) so I'll be bopping around on Silvermoon for a bit. Switching up my faction, has always breathed even more excitement into the game (for myself.)

    You know, I did think about bringing a high level over but... I'm thinking I might just level the wee Druid without help from a rich Auntie. If I do have a high level toon, I'll just roll a DK and stop playing her when she hits 65.

  2. I wanted to port you to Dalaran and Theramore. I just didn't see you on at the same time as I! Glad you had fun with it though :D

    It is fun when a change of pace is involved too. So it's been refreshing for me also. Yeah, you can always make a DK if you get bored hehe. The are so nice to quest on, everything is cake hehe.

    I hope to catch up with you tonight maybe. Left you main in game :D




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