Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Letter to the Freeport Guard

Dear Freeport Guard,

I'm really getting fed up with  the abuse while visiting your (sad excuse of a) City. Freeport was once a proud city consisting of only the most evil and respected citizens. Now when I travel to the city I am kicked, punched and ridiculed on every corner. Is this how you treat the members of your faction?! As if some slime from Qeynos... or dare I say... Kelethin!

The city is in chaos, it is an outrage visiting. Citizens fighting on the streets, corpses, stinking and littering the roads. Only yesterday I was mocked by some lowly commoners saying my presence was frowned upon! To think that this once noble city is in ruins, the citizens and guard run around the streets fighting and calling names like.. like.. babies! This isn't evil- It's pathetic!

Why, just last night I was kicked and pushed by several guards while checking out some prospective properties. I was considering moving to this city in the future, but as of now I am considering moving to the opposite faction!! At least those tree hugging Wood Elves don't beat on their own faction.

Mark my words, Freeport Guard, the next time I visit I will bring vengeance on the city of Freeport. Soon, I will have another alliance, I will bring on an inquisition and scour the city with my wrath.

Until Then,
Deacon, Nyomi, Champion of Love
Outraged citizen of Neriak


  1. I agree with you. It is time to put Freeport back to the way it was ( Proud and very evil ).. And make the guards that were rude to us pay with there lives....

  2. Aye, Freeport needs to be whipped back into shape! So annoying to visit/live there now :(




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