Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Home Deco (EQ2)

Yikes, my EQ2 account expires today, I need to get another time card! Just changed banks, fun. I want to make sure I get my free Rose Quartz Inlaid Gold Armbands, which are available through the 12-14!

Anyhow, I finally finished my house in Neriak. I changed a few rooms around with the last few things I needed from the Freeport festival. While I do plan to move to Qeynos in the future, I figured I'd show off these pictures before I take the plunge. It may be a little bit before I get started on changing factions. Lets begin with the tour! Enjoy :)

                                      The Entry/Sales Room

                                              The Garden

The Kitchen

The Aquarium

The Study

The Bedroom

The Bath


  1. The garden looks so pretty.

  2. Did you check out my house again like I told you to? There's a little something in the outdoors area that I set up for you.

  3. Thanks Erinys!

    Hrmm no, Fin, I don't remember you saying that lol. I will check it out though if I can still log in, need to grab a time card still >.<

  4. I checked it out, looks lovely!! I am so envious of your house it's so nice >.< You have doors...

  5. hummm... I might be wrong here but why would an evil dark elf needs a merry-go-round in the backyard?

    Or maybe it's a merry-go-round possessed by the souls of the children you brutally murdered while vanquishing your enemies! Yeah that must be it!


    Just having a bit of fun with you, not something I expected to see in a MMO.

  6. Hehe. It's an enchanted carousel! The animals actually are plushies which move, looks way better in game.

    Yes, it's all part of my evil plot. If I told you...





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