Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Halas- To Betray or Not To Betray

Yesterday I entertained myself with the Rebuilding the Rings event in EQ2 and ended up making a little alt to play through the new Halas area. It's really lovely but I wish the newer cities like Halas and Gorowyn had been neutral.

Why? I play a class that is of evil alignment, if I wanted I could betray and move over to the new city but I would have to change the class I play into the good version- which I really don't want to do now. So, unless I make a new character I don't benefit from the new city, much like any evil character. So it sort of dampens the excitement some.

While I do want to make an alt I would like to finish playing my Inquisitor to 90 before putting much focus on an alt. Is it silly to be unhappy with one side's housing and cities but not wanting to betray? Maybe, I suppose I should have thought about that when I started. Many times we don't consider things like this when starting out. I really don't feel like going through the betrayal process again to play a class I won't enjoy as much, so I will have to make an alt to enjoy the other side. Which, speaking of alts, the plate classes start out in some snazzy new armor!

There are also some real neat appearance armor items in Halas, only available to good players though. I was so jealous of my guildies bundled up in their new winter wear! I'm enjoying the other things though and hope to get a few more items from the ring event this week. I already placed several cool items in the house.

Until next time!


  1. What happens when you betray? I'm completely clueless about that. :)

  2. You switch sides. A good example to explain would be: If you could switch back and forth from Horde and Alliance.

    Some classes are evil only or good only, so in some cases you have to switch your class when you betray.

    The betrayal process is a chain of quests for faction. You are sort of a drifter with no home until then, well there is a city called haven. If you can all it that.




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