Thursday, May 27, 2010

Checking into EQ and Some EQ2

Yesterday I didn't spend too much time playing much, just a tad in the evening. My son wanted to grab a new book for school, as he has become an avid reader. I really am happy about that since I love to read as well. We headed out to Barnes & Noble and picked him up a few books as well as a treat from the snack area. Since Best Buy is next door, we decided to poke in there and mosey around.

I ended up grabbing an EQ time card so I could pop in there and see how the game is going. There were some goodies in the Marketplace for free, several pets and xp potions, along with some other nifty items. I made sure to claim those on a few characters and went off to xp for a little bit.

While I didn't stay on for long it is nice to get into the groove of xp grinding. Pull mob, merc grabs it, slow it, throw 'puma' (a line of spells that trigger a DD spell, when melee) on the merc and pup, rinse and repeat. The Shaman is really laid back.

We actually watched Evercracked (I've seen most of it but waited to watch the rest with Dire) finally, last night. It was cool to hear about the vision that became a game, about the history and all the efforts put into the game. While it has a humorous undercurrent it's a good watch.

I also messed around a tad with my little alt in new Halas. There is some really cool newbie gear out there. She looks as if she is dressed for the weather! The rewards are nice and the quests are pretty enjoyable. I have enjoyed the time I've spend out there so far. I think I played my Inquisitor for maybe 20 minutes yesterday, just had some other stuff I wanted to get done in real life plus it gives me a break.

I am very casual anymore and it's something I'd like to change. Content wise I mean- I suppose casual can be considered many things. I'd like to get back into the swing of raiding a bit more as I've really missed out on a lot of end content hopping around from this game to that. So, hopefully in the near future this will be something I'm getting into.

Safe adventures all!

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