Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Halas and Goodies!

Earlier today Halas went live with some fun things in this patch. First off I got my cute little kitten, which is just adorable. They are free until the 28th, available in the cash shop. There is also a cool new event live on the servers Rebuilding the Rings. There were plenty of people about this afternoon checking it out. I managed to do a few quests and check out the rewards, a lot of things I already want! I always love events like this, something different to do, plus I do love to get more goodies.

I was thinking about making an alt in Halas. It should be new and fun for awhile at least. I'm not sure exactly what class. I am sure I will make one at some point, this week, to play in the new area. The houses are quite lovely and I do want to decorate one. Oh the potential!

Last night I managed to hit level 77. A couple of friends mentored down and did an instance with me. They are a sweet couple who I don't always get to group with due to different time zones. We had a fun time and the xp flew by. It always cheers me up to group with my friends. (Panda friends make me especially cheer me up  =p)

I also played a little Dragon Age: Origins last night, I have not gotten very far as I've wanted to try out several classes. I'm thinking about picking it up some more on the side as I've enjoyed it very much, so far. It slightly reminds me of (my all time favorite RPG) Dungeon Siege II, as you can switch characters out and meet new characters to adventure with throughout the game. I love a good offline game to play when I'm in the mood, so this one should keep me busy when I finally delve into it.

To see the full patch notes look here. Also some information on today's patch and things related check out EQ2 Wire.

Safe adventures wherever you may find yourself!


  1. Oh the Panda looks so cute.

    I'm not sure what game I want to play at the moment. Who knows, I might just take a small break from all computer games. I'm still playing board games with my daughter, heh. :)

  2. Board games are a lot of fun, cards are also good fun as well. My son and I play cards often.




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