Monday, May 24, 2010

Among the Wolves...

Tomorrow is the big EQ2 update. I am glad that I will have some other stuff to do. Rebuilding the Rings should be fun and a welcomed change. I'm not really bored, I just think I get overwhelmed by the massive size of the zones in EQ and at times it seems I spend more time searching my EQ2Map or EQ2 Wiki for a quest instead of getting things done in an orderly fashion.

I enjoy the questing but I often wonder if I will actually level another alt through all the content, because soloing all the time can be a bit exasperating. I may sound lazy but when a game offers such an abundance of quests it is easy to get overwhelmed looking at that quest log wondering where they all are and where to start. Even with the map add-on you have to do some searching, meh what is the key word... the mob or the quest name?! Oh whatever... Let me just look it up.

It really seems to be dragging on through the seventies also- which isn't helping. I figure at eighty I will see the light at the end up the tunnel! Most of the time I enjoy the leveling process but I suppose it is a lot of solo play, these days, that is wearing me down. I'm halfway though 76, I should be higher but I've spent a lot of time running here and there and looking things up.

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood today. I'm fed up with some of the MMO communities and chat channels full of garbage, insults are thrown all over the place. I find myself getting my back up and have to keep myself in check, quite often. To make matters worse my old WoW guild doesn't raid anymore, they pug. Yuck...

I suppose it's just harder to find friends among the wolves in today's games. Sure I have friends but I don't have the abundance of friends I once had. Groups in my two games are in the extremes. EQ2 they can be sparse and in WoW they are abundant but cross server, so how do you find a good guild w/o doing a lot of hit and miss guild hopping? I miss the old days of EQ in all my newbie glory, I miss those fun groups and good friends.

I will end up just playing one when my subscriptions are up. I'm tired of hopping from one to the other. Which is worth it at the end? Which will offer the most for me as a main staple MMO? Things I will have to think on.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


  1. Hehe, it's mostly what has been keeping me busy lately. I just had 'one of those' days!




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