Friday, May 21, 2010

Everquest Changes and Rage of the Mercenaries

If you haven't seen the EverQuest Producer's Letter it's pretty interesting and well worth checking out. That is, if you're an old player like me. Recently there was an in-game poll, there were some things the game could greatly benefit from and it seems the results are out now. I've been waiting quite awhile to see what choices would actually happen.

I was pretty let down that offline trader mode didn't make the cut. This really is a feature that bugs me to the point of not wanting to play as much. I don't like leaving my trader running for hours and hours. It would have really helped the games economy. I'm rather pouty over this.

What did make it? More mercs, DPS mercs to be exact, and additional bag space. While the bag space is nice it wasn't my biggest issue. I don't play any characters that would really benefit from another merc, unless I was grouping quite often and didn't mind spending the money on buying one every time I switched them out.

The mercs are Wizard and Rogue. Pure DPS classes and I hope they do work out well, I'm sure they will. They are on the test server currently if anyone wants to take a peek at them. I'm not opposed to more mercs, it would be nice to be able to trade them out as needed!

Another thing worth mention would be server merges. It's been about five or six years since the (only) merges in EverQuest so I'd say it's about due. This will help balance the server population and I'm happy to see it. I do worry about FV though and what will happen to special rule set servers.

New hotzones are out soon. I sure hope they are better than some of the last choices! The 65 zone this time around was one of the worse choices I could think of! If they are good enough I might poke back in soon to enjoy these!

You can find the EQ Producer's Letter here. Also the current game update notes can be found here.


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