Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sparkle Cat vs Sparkle Pony

It looks like I am late to arrive on the scene to hear about EQ2's new 'Sparkle Cat'... Well, that is what everyone is calling it, or so it seems. They are actually the Ethereal, Sinister, and Ulteran Prowlers. This pretty kitty is a cash shop mount with some nice bonuses and a decent run speed. However, it is twenty-five dollars- Same as Blizzard's Sparkle Pony.

I haven't bought a Sparkle Pony in WoW yet because I just don't want to spend that on a mount right now with two subs going. I want both mounts though! I really think the EQ2 addition is quite lovely! Maybe in due time, we shall see. So now it's Sparkle Pony vs Sparkle Cat, once I do decide to get one!

Moonlight Enchantments started and I've managed to pick up some more goodies for the house. I am wanting to grab a couple of really gorgeous book cases before I try to finish it off though. So it may be a few days before I get back to working on it.

I also switched guilds. The last guild was very nice but I just didn't do much with many of the players so I decided to move to a guild where I might have a bit more interaction. They seem like a nice bunch so far! I don't like to hop guilds and I always feel bad when I leave one, I just like to have a guild where I feel at home.

Nyomi is a tad away from level 74, I am slowly working her towards the goal. I would like to hit 90 before long though. I want to gauge endgame vs my other game, WoW. I would like to compare and see which one does offer the most. I suppose I'll see when I get there!

In WoW I've been logging on, doing a few daily quest and the daily heroic with Dire. He is farming like crazy for his bike. I think I am putting off this mount for awhile. I'm trying to hit the cap in EQ2 so I don't farm as much as I could. I did have 1700 gold  saved up and several things to sell but I decided to help Dire get his mount first. So he ended up with about 1700 gold from me this week plus things to sell. He did help me out with some plat in EQ2 in exchange for helping him in WoW. I am always so broke in EQ2.... It's the house I tell you!

Anyhow... I am still enjoying WoW. It doesn't offer me tons to do since I'm not raiding but it's ok as I have other things to do on the side. My brother was getting rid of Dragon Age: Origins and I took it off his hands. So I hope to mess around with that sometime soon! I'm always slow to go with RPG games, I have too much to do in MMO games!

Safe adventures!


  1. Hi

    Sorry to see ya go ( and I understand not many groups in the guild ) If you get stuck with your Inny leveling give an yell will be happy to help ya out ....

  2. When I was playing EQ2, I changed guilds only twice and yes I too felt a little bad about it.
    Sometimes it's just time for a change. I hope it works out for you!:)

  3. Hey Ice! Add me to friends and look me up anytime you want to group or need a healer :D Well given I'm high enough to help hehe. I will add you also.

    Greywulf, yeah I always feel like a meanie leaving. I just ended up joining a friends guild. I need to make my own and invite all my friends ;)

  4. Will add you to my list and thanks for adding me.. If you ever want to start an guild let me know I have a couple of unguided toons that can help




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