Friday, May 21, 2010

Seriously People?!

Today I'm sort of aggravated. My feed reader is bursting with silly posts about EQ2 and the new mount. 'SOE wants to be like Blizzard, EQ2 is turning into WoW, EQ2 copied Blizzard.' Seriously?

I don't always agree about some of the prices and I often think these companies should think these prices through more so. I don't really care to pay twenty-five dollars for a mount in today's economy and I also wish these were instead offered in games as rewards. However, I don't think one is more justified than the other. If they are going back into the game then more power to them. If it's just some extra cash on top of millions of subscription fees, well need I say more? Lets all just point the finger instead...

EQ2 is turning into WoW! I really don't get this one at all. I play both of these games on a regular basis and I can say I play them because of the different aspects. They are worlds apart when you get down to it. I hate to break it to you people, but the cash shop isn't anything new in EQ2 nor are the prices. Prices in the twenty dollar range are nothing new to EQ2, look at the furniture packages and backpacks. If you asked me, Blizzard may have used EQ2 to gauge prices in their recent cash shop. If you are going to be mad about prices and cash shops don't single out one company.

I do want to say this- When you grow bored of WoW and wonder why there hasn't been an expansion for another two years, ask yourself where those millions of profit from the Sparkle Pony went. Remember these are companies out to make money, keep in mind which companies offer the most to the customers to keep them happy and which company puts it back into development. That's the bottom line here.

In parting let me ask who really copied who? Who paved the road for MMO games as we know them? We sometimes for get all the groundwork and when respect is due. We cry like children when we don't get our way and forget all the time and hard work that got us here, all for a glorified hobby. We give credit when it isn't due and hound when it's uncalled for.


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