Thursday, May 27, 2010

Burn Out Blues?

The inevitable burnout. It does seem to be something I hear quite often, read about and occasionally experience myself.  Everyone gets bored sometimes and these days people do blow through content as a crazy pace. What happens when you just get to the point where you are just bored? Most of the time people just quit. Some still play, friends keep them tied to the game, others rant and burnout so badly they never come back and there are those that just seem to fade away slowly leaving you to wonder where they went.

There are some things I think are essential to keeping yourself happy, things we can try to avoid. For example are you going to sit and watch reruns of the same sitcom day in and day out, even if you have to watch reruns, for years and years just because your friends watch it too? Or perhaps read the same book over and over until you know it by heart? I highly doubt it. We often forget that there are many other games beyond the 'personal little gaming world' we adventure in and know so well. After all gaming is a hobby. There are several things to do to help with or help prevent it from ruining your game for good.

The old saying goes: Familiarity breads contempt. It's true to a degree especially in games like WoW where content drags on and you could run those heroics blindfolded! You dread logging in but your friends are there. First off- Stop. Try something new, even if it's for a month, take a breather, your friends will understand. Or perhaps take a few days off. Some people like to unwind in the evenings playing a MMO, you don't have to quit, perhaps try a new game. There are so many MMO games out there that are decent. Try giving another a chance. No game is perfect, try to keep that in mind.

Bored with solo type content, tired of being the loner in the game? Make an effort to find a guild with like minded players. This can help multitudes, working together can be a lot more fun than sitting there by yourself pugging (may it be raids or groups) day after day. If someone invites me to a group I gladly join at the chance to meet new people and make new friends. Don't raise yourself so high on a pedestal that you won't join strangers and pug, how else do we make connections? You're selling yourself short in doing so. Then again don't stay in a bad situation either, you don't want to try to overextend yourself so badly you get burnt by doing so. Nightmare group from hell (or raid)? Leave.

There are different degrees of boredom, for the lesser it simply could just be that you should take time to do other things. Tradeskills, achievements and goals come to mind. Goals often get me out of a slump. Maybe trying to save for a special mount or grinding faction for a title or item.  If you are at the point where you've already done these things and are still pretty weary, maybe you really do need take a break. There are plenty of games out there that offer a lot of great content and I urge people to try something new! You don't have to quit a hobby just because you get a bit bored, go in another direction.

I suppose some people do get burnt out enough to quit MMO games altogether. That is a personal choice, after all it is a hobby, something for fun- Not a life choice. I know several people who have quit recently, some just sit in front of the TV instead, others simply read about games- almost as much as they played them and there are those who take the time to do other things. Are they for the better now? To each his or her own, that really is something only they truly know. In the end- it's life, do what you enjoy! If you are not enjoying something, do something about it.

Hope you like my crude little computer @ the top! May you all enjoy whatever it is that makes you happy.


  1. I love your little computer did you design it? Im burnt out bc Im Not doing what my hearts desire I give Myself a big :"( LOL!

  2. Yeah was messing around and made him. His name is Herbie, haha.

    You gotta do what makes you happy!

  3. I haven't logged into WoW for a week and a half now. Been playing solitaire on the laptop and the latest Settlers in between sunbathing. Going to renew my subscription in a few days or so and hopefully will be full of reinvigorated excitement for the game.

    Although our weather is great at the moment which always helps with computer game burnout.

  4. It is nice to be off for awhile. I've not played all that much the past few days either. I hope to spend more time outside this weekend!




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