Friday, May 28, 2010

Show & Tell (EQ2)

Yesterday I ran into a 'GM' Event while on my little Fury alt. A Coldain who was in need of some assistance! The quest was quite easy and I actually did it on two alts, yeah I cheated! I wanted two hats (Fungoid Souvenir) as they are heirloom. The effect shrinks you 30%, pretty neat! After completing this quest I was offered the Halas prelude quest which is pretty neat, more pretty sparkle flowers! The Fury is standing in her new Halas home. I'm actually going to share it with two characters. It's still in progress!

Standing outside my new home here in Halas with my new sparkly mount! Yeah, I ended up getting one because they are just so pretty. I really have been enjoying Halas and the housing a lot. I actually like the housing much more than I did at first glance, on test.

Before I show off any pictures of the Halas house I did take some of the Freeport house. Though most has been moved. I'm just not feeling it for Freeport. I still wanted to share some of it before it's long forgotten.

That is it for the most part, I wanted to share those before posting up new pictures. If you haven't noticed- I spend way too much time decorating. When it's finished I tend not to bother with it as much, until I find something else to place!

Have a great weekend peeps!

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