Thursday, April 8, 2010

Unholy Adept (EQ2)

Yesterday I really wanted to hit 45 so I could get my Inquisitor fluff spell Unholy Adept. I was curious to see what it looked like, I couldn't find any pics online. Plus I love fluff spells. It's just an adept (humanoid) in a dark red robe that follows me about. Sometimes it is a male and other times female, upon summoning. You can name this pet, it is much like the Shadowknight's squire, except it is a Dark Elf in my case. I am not sure if the race is that of the caster, probably so. I just wanted to make some notations as I have found nothing  helpful at all when doing a search about the spell.

I messed around in several zones working on my levels yesterday and even came across a quest for a cute mechanical duck, who has nothing mechanical looking about it. I named him Daffy, yeah real original I know!
I've wanted this little cutie for awhile so I was pretty happy to finally get it. He makes quacking sounds all the time which makes me chuckle.

Other than hitting 45 I have been messing around with my house, always trying different things. I will not be happy with it for awhile until several events come around! It's fun to try different things, seeing what can be accomplished or made into something that the house doesn't contain. Such as, I added a skylight to my upper room (which I added in), from a sky 'patterned' item. The Qeynos houses (some of them) have skylights or gardens and I really wanted one- Alas I am in Neriak where we don't have those. So I added one in. It looks pretty nice as the room is pretty much a garden and the clouds actually move making it more realistic looking!



  1. Ok, so plz tell me what is this "sky patterned" object, and how n where did u get the duck. Plz do tell!

  2. The Cloudy square is:

    You can get it from the moonlight enchantment event on the 20th of each month. It's simple to get, that's actually tomorrow.

    And the duck is from a quest- His name is Quacker Yig. The quest information can be found here:

    Hope that helps!




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