Friday, April 9, 2010

TGIF: What's New?

Sometimes I actually step away from Norrath to see what is going on in other MMO games, I do! Even though today I'm quite consumed with the Norrathian Homeshow  . I love to see what people have done with their houses, it's quite interesting. Anyhow...

It seems WoW is adding in a new RaF mount. The Zevra will be retired (you keep it if you have it currently) and the new mount will be for future RaF rewards. It's pretty neat, a two seat flying mount. I'm not too sure about the speed, you can check out for a picture and see what's the blue word on it.

Speaking of WoW there are a lot of changes incoming for Cataclysm. Priest get Leap of Faith, Death Knights get Blood as a primary tanking spec and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I'm sure some of these changes will be welcome, but I feel for priest having another mechanic to have to be responsible for- I died because YOU didn't move me out of the fire! Ugh.. It boggles me how much the classes get changed around these days. I do wish they would focus on more to do high end though. It seems the expansions are just used up way too quickly. Maybe Cataclysm will be better in terms of more content to enjoy, we can only hope. has tons of news on all the changes and you can always find the latest info on the official site.

It seems Mythic had an Oops! Players were getting billed more than once (up to forty-four times one player has reported), even when the subscription had been canceled! Yikes, I would really hate see that show up on my statement. I think I'd be pretty livid. I do feel for Mythic, this makes them look bad and really makes one weary of dealing with this vendor. What a nightmare that must be to see this show up on a statement. Here is the response from Mythic.

Free Realms is having a birthday bash this month. April 29th will be a day for parties in Free Realms. Not much information is out yet about the event but you can check here for the official word. I'm sure this event will be pretty cool as all of their live events have proven to be a lot of fun in the past. Happy Birthday Free Realms!

Also a new MMORPG Mytheon is in beta currently. It looks kind of interesting, I assume it is a FTP. I don't know much on it but it did catch my eye. If you're looking for something new and interesting it might be something to watch. Check it out here

Well enough time away from Norrath, I must return! What's new with everyone, anything interesting going on in your neck of the woods? Have a great weekend peeps!



  1. TGIF! But it doesnt feel like Friday when one has to work Sat and Sunday boooo! lol

  2. Doh! Well you had a nice few days off ;)




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