Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dynamic Duo (EQ2)

So, yesterday my dentist appointment went rather well, even if I was pretty nervous. I must have been like stone in the chair, all tensed up. He had a big scary needle and I started whimpering about it and kept waiting for the sting but to my surprise didn't feel a thing, they coaxed me- it would be all right and really it was heh. I had a tooth that needed repair and he did a beautiful job, you can't even tell now.

Anyhow, in EQ2 I've managed to hit 43. I am passing up Dire, he is still working on AA, I think he has 38 now. He says he is having fun working on them and that is what matters. The great thing is even if I keep leveling I can always mentor down and adventure with him always and not feel like I have to hold back. It's such a great mechanic within a game.

This time around our duo is quite nice- Tank and healer. Years ago when we tried out the game I was a Shadowknight and he a Bruiser, it was fine for leveling but limited what we could duo. This time around it's a great combo for us as we like to adventure into dungeons and instances by ourselves. We can do so much more and we really enjoy our classes very much so. It is working out very well. Last night we wandered into a dungeon to do a heritage quest and ended up doing quite a few quests along the way.

We have, on occasion, found a player needing a quest we were on and invited them to join us. For the most part we just duo though. Our guild is small and our friends are not on all that much these day. The guild is only level 15, we've tried to do as much as we can to help it level but it is a slow process when a guild is small. It takes a lot of work to level a guild and requires a lot of help to get it moving along. Smaller guilds crawl along a lot slower than a guild with many people working together. I have so much status banked waiting to use! There are times when we could use help also, so some days it is hard to be in a small guild.

We are having a blast regardless. There is always so much to do, when we log in we have some fun adventures. With our duo we can do a lot, I am excited about what is ahead as we level.



  1. So glad your dental appointment went well.

    You're right, you cannot go wrong with the tank/healer combination. ;)

  2. Thanks :D Yep, all we need is some dps to help speed things along hehe.




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