Saturday, April 10, 2010


I think what I like about EQ2 the most is that- there is always feels like something to do. I can craft and work on my crafting levels, harvest, quest, duo, group, work on my house, do status quests and so on. What holds together a good MMO is depth. Keeping busy, lots of things to do. I also like fluffy things like my shiny appearance slot armor pictured above. I want to look cool! Not like a fruit loop...  I look forward to crafting more so once I max out my adventure level and raiding possibly but more so seeing high end content as a whole. Another thing is an expansion a year (or pretty darn close). I remember hearing people complain about waiting around for a year and thinking how lucky they were, when I played WoW! I think it's a good balance for me overall.

I start this out with talking about what keeps me interested because my brother just went back to WoW. I did try to get him into EQ2 instead but he will play what he wants in the end. He has had quite a few burn outs on the game though. I have taken my share of breaks, if ever I do go back it will be as a Worgen or a Night Elf Mage. Something different for me. As I was saying, my brother went back again and it had me thinking about the game. There was a point where I still wanted to play but it wasn't interesting. I didn't want to raid or either it was just boring doing that same fight over again. Heroics got dull, old world was pointless unless I wanted achievements that really mean nothing in the end. Sure I did it, I've done it before on other characters. I know I did it, that's all that matters to me. As far as achievements go, that's my stance. Unless it gives me a kickin' title, well I don't mind that ;)

In the end I suppose there were no goals. The raid goals I had earlier in the expansion for gear, well they were now worthless gear- with a bad 'gearscore'. My Paladin I was proud (yet left to sit for awhile) of may as well been a fresh 80, because heroic gear was now better than my Naxx gear. I was locked out of several heroics still because my raid Naxx 10/25 raid gear was too full of fail! My Druid was much better geared but I found it ironic upon trying to pick up the Paladin. At this point I felt 'Why Bother'.

I think I ended up picking EQ2 over EQ without realizing it. I don't think I had any goals besides getting AA points in Everquest. It just seemed a long haul to an expansion that would kick my A double S. Sure I could lower my goals to the older expansion and not set foot in Underfoot but what is the fun in that? I didn't experience it first hand, no. I do know mobs in Everquest are unlike those in most MMO games today, they mean business. They hit like a Mack truck, quad, enrage, rampage summon, complete heal, and scare the 'bejebus' (whatever that is) out of me. I suppose knowing how hard mobs can be, it made me chose the more casual solo duo friendly out of the two. I will never truly quit Everquest. I just take vacations here and there ;)

Speaking of vacations, my bud Xailia over at EQjunkies has come off his writing vacation, check him out :) One of my favorite gamer girlies Pouncealot (she kicks arse and takes names) had me pondering more so on the topic, with her recent post. So how about you: Do you have goals you like to work towards? Are goals important to you, may they be small or on a larger scale?



  1. Your bro has good taste ;)

    WoW for the win! *meh* Im gettin bored of all MMOs at the minute. Pre Cataclysm blues.

    AoC is a nice little distraction for an hour a night but meh I have no real motivation to push forward. I thought it was WoW burnout but perhaps its complete MMO burnout and I need a full rest.

    Ah well I'll truck on in AoC and start reading some of the many books I've got scattered around.

  2. Hey P! I do miss WoW at times, I just don't like the direction and how easy it is to get bored and burn out.

    Yeah AoC is a fun distraction but not sure I could stick with it, didn't happen in the past lol.

    Ever think of giving EQ2 a shot? If you're looking for something similar to WoW but with a bit more depth (and fluff- I love the appearance tab heh) it's pretty good :D




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