Thursday, April 29, 2010

Removing History and Charm (EQ2)

The buzz today about EQ2 is the removal of a couple of things. First off let me say, I detest change in MMO games when it comes to content or little things that make it special. If you have not heard about it:

Mounts will now be temporarily suspended in combat.
Qeynos and Freeport starting areas will be removed.

Mounted combat sets EQ2 apart from other MMO games I play or have played. It's a little bit of charm I like. Often my friends comment that it is cool I can fight while mounted- It is! Don't streamline my game to be just like another MMO when it comes to combat. I think a part of this might be for reasons with lag. However, when you design a game such as EQ2 I wouldn't be worried about it this far along. When you change things drastically after so many years of being a set way, well, people become upset. Yes, it is fluffy but I still want it there. I do hope developers reconsider this, don't take away charming things that set this game apart from others.

I have about six mounts I use. Some more than others, some just because they are cool looking. Really there won't be much use to use them all just for visual reasons if I'm not going to be able to see them in combat. Why not just use the fastest to get me from mob to mob. Sure, a few have bonuses which I may use them for. I suppose into the 'stable' most of my mounts will go. 

Removing these two starting zones isn't the biggest deal but some of us like them. I don't like the removal of scrapping of zones in any MMO. Look at Allods, everyone starts in the same two places, it's chaotic, annoying and packed full off too many people competing over mobs. I wished for more choices where to start. Don't take away choices and memories from us in EQ2.

For that matter, I don't like Gorowyn as an evil character. The guild halls are cool but the city is my least favorite. I don't want to start there over Freeport, even though it's trashed. I wish the evil side had at least one visually beautiful city. One is set in the rocks and cliffs with floors of stone and sand, the other is trashed with citizens fighting, guards kicking and punching those who come near and the other is in a cave. But this topic is for another day...

I was pretty upset when I heard a lot of WoW zones would be changed or just not there when Cataclysm is released. I really don't like to see this happen in any game. You're removing memories and history. Don't recycle content, don't use it for something else and don't remove it. People get upset.

I have faith SOE will do the right thing. I've always had a lot of respect for this company and the way they go about things for the most part. They have an ear for the community. Lets hope they will hear and pay attention to what the players want. 

Just some thoughts, I don't want to get long winded today on this topic. I had a nice little post I wanted to write about but this dampened my mood. Maybe tomorrow.. Any thoughts on these changes?  Or even changes in something you are playing. I'd like to 'hear' what other players think about changes like these.

Stylish Corpse has a lot to say on this, which was a good read. Also another good read, more in-depth than mine, from Ark's Ark. Check out the forum threads to see what other players have said, or put in your own 2cp. Mounts thread. City thread.

Rides off into the sunset- while in combat...

 Also my friend Pouncealot has had a loss recently, head over to see her and give her a hug!
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