Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cloud Nine

I've had sort of a busy week but last night I was able to finish up the quest chain for my cloud mount. I was pretty happy as I ended up with a decent set of gear in the process, level 67 and several AA to boot. The mount is slower than some of my others but it is so neat and you don't take fall damage on it, it sort of floats you down. Plus, how cool is that- riding around on a cloud!

I haven't had a ton of time to get stuff done between running around IRL and I was sick one night as well. On the nights I've been really tired I puttered around in my house changing a few things around. A friend gave me some really cool house items, one item in particular I've really wanted in order to finish my fish tank, Tapestry of the Steam Lord. I'll have to post some new pics. I will wait until the Freeport City Festival has come and I've had a chance to utilize those items in my house! I can't wait, it will be here on Saturday.

New Halas has been on test this week, although I haven't had time to peek at it I am excited about it. I will have to make an alt just for that. I've been wanting to make an alt on the good side so I may just have one start there. I don't know if I'll work on it here and there or wait until the inquisitor is 90. Most of the time, in games, I hop around on alts a lot. This time it's been different, I really enjoy sticking with one character. I've always admired friends who really worked so hard on their main, while I was trying to catch up a slew of alts. So, it's a nice change that I am actually enjoying. I am sure I'll make an alt one of these days but for now I really love my inquisitor. How about you? Are you an alt person or do you prefer sticking with a main?

Safe adventures all!


  1. Gratz on the new ride! :)

  2. Oh that looks neat. I cannot wait to see pictures of your upgraded home.

    I'm an alt person, always have been. Regardless of what game I play I tend to make a few other characters to, lol.

  3. Most of the time I'm an alt person too. I don't know if it's not wanting to do the same content over in EQ2 or just that the alts are not as fun as my Inquis.

    I keep trying to play one up here and there and just lose interest. Maybe I've changed lol.

    I wanted to ask, what server are you playing on mostly and what faction? For when I do pop back into WoW hehe.




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