Thursday, April 29, 2010



Whew... SOE sure had me sweating over the possible changes to mounts and combat! Just a brief update and some thoughts. It looks like SOE hears what the customers want and came to a middle ground. I had faith in them- *cheer!* SmokeJumper aka our new producer Dave Georgeson posted this today on the official forums:

Late-breaking news on this feature! Basically, we hear ya. Here's the details:
1) Mounts will still be suspended while in default.
2) However, there will also be a new graphic option that lets you set your view of mounts to one of three settings:
a) Default (mount disappears during combat, reappearing 5 seconds after you are out of combat).
b) You never see mounts at all. (Useful in raid situations or for low-end machines that are trying to get better framerate.)
c) You always see mounts, even during combat. (Useful for folks that like the way things look now and want to continue seeing things that way.)
NOTE: The mount settings are client-only, so they only affect what *you* see, not what everyone else sees. Their view is affected by their own personal setting.
Make sense?

I am quite pleased that the players were heard and now it seems everyone can be happy. Much thanks to the team for taking the time to listen to our thoughts and input. Now we can resume happily playing! Of course the cities changing is still a possibility but it's not the one that was bothering me the most. At least I can keep my beloved 'Fluffy Paws' out in combat- He's cheering in the pic ;)

See ya in Norrath!




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