Saturday, April 17, 2010

Perspectives (EQ2)

Yesterday I spent most of my play time questing in the Sinking Sands formerly known as the Oasis of Marr (In EQ). It was new and old at the same time. New because I haven't really had a chance to explore there much and old because it reminded me of the original EQ zone. There were the docks (TRAIN TO TEH DOCKS!11), specters, sand giants, spiders, dune beetles, mummies, and so on. It really was neat having a nostalgic feeling but being a different game altogether. I think this helps immerse, me at least, into the game.

I'm actually a bit high for just starting here. I hit 57 then decided to stop and AA for a bit. So, I wanted to go back and pick up some of the quests I missed and get a bunch of AA xp while I was at it. I finally moved from the Cleric AA tree to the Inquisitor tree and my perspective of the class has really changed. I've heard mixed reactions in the past when asking which was the better priest for DPS. Some people claim the Inquisitor is very slow and painful and then other claim they are awesome when you get the AAs you need. What I'm working on now is turning my spells into combat arts which just floored me with how different the play is. It can seem rather slowish until you get to this point. No more slow casting, bam-bam numbers flying! It's really nice to see the class open up to being a dps oriented priest. A battle Cleric for sure. I enjoy being a healer but being able to solo well  is important to me also.

It's also nice to group with Dire and do a little dps, the CAs cast faster than spells, allowing me to throw in some heals in between, which is nice. Plus my mana regen is much better than it use to be! Last night we finished up a heritage quest and I ended up banking a few more AA. He is much lower than I still, sitting at 36 with close to 60 AA while I have around 53. I finally took his advice and started working on AA again.

On another note, my brother is thinking about playing. He got bored with his venture back to WoW- rather quickly. I think he would really enjoy EQ2 if he got a feel for it. He complained about it feeling foreign, as far as the controls go. The only advice I can give is that any new game feels odd when you first start, one day it just snaps into place and feels right. But that takes time and then it's not so weird and strange feeling. I honestly don't think there is anything else that would hold his interest long term so I took some time to show him around the game last night and let him see what he hasn't in the past. He now has a different outlook on it and really liked what he saw, so I hope he gives it a chance and comes to play with us!

It's sometimes hard to convince someone how great a game can be. If they are use to a certain game for years it can be hard to adjust to a new one. Though sometimes a game can really be appreciated more so if someone takes you under their wing and shows you the ropes- You don't feel so overwhelmed as if you are drowning out there on your own. I know it would have helped me in the past. It took me many times trying EQ2 to get a real feel for it. So how about you, reader, do you feel it's harder to start a new game or do you like to just jump into something new? Or maybe you've had a hard time trying to get friends to play something with you but they don't see how great it is? What do you try to show your game off?

Have a great weekend!

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