Monday, April 19, 2010


Tonight, well actually in the wee morning hours, the Moonlight Enchantments begin in EQ2. I still want several things for my house, so I've been waiting around for this one! I am still patiently waiting for the Freeport city festival as well. The Moonlight Enchantments are fun, easy and a nice change of pace. I'm waiting eagerly to visit these magical enchanted mushroom rings!

I've been working steadily on AA points. I am up to 59 currently, still sitting at level 57. I am cleaning up on some quests I skipped over or just didn't see before, trying to gain as many AA I can while questing, before working on the levels again. I think tonight though we will do Split Paw for Dire, he likes to do the instances a lot. This weekend he spent most his time finishing up Butcher Block soloing quests. It kept him out of my hair (Ha ha! Just kidding!).

In my last post I mentioned my brother trying the game. Sadly he just didn't take to it, not wanting to learn everything over again. He commented, it might be different if it was a great game. But it is a great game! He also made the comment that if there was something new I'd be off playing it over EQ2. Eh, I don't think I'll be going anywhere for awhile, I'm tired of changing games and happy where I am. So now it's just Dire and I playing. Which is fine, I am glad we made the transition back to EQ2 and I think we will make it to high end and stick with this one for the long haul.

Reflecting on the past few months, before picking up EQ2 again, I was looking for a game that would offer much for us to do and keep us interested. Sometimes I miss EQ, I miss the old zones I loved so much, not the more recent ones- I think it's the people I miss the most. It's all in the memories I suppose. Or I will have a moment I miss WoW, thinking of old friends and adventures. Then I remember it's not the same without some of those people and the way it was. I am happy with EQ2 and it's a nice place to be!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Oh arse, I knew I was missing some kind of event. Then again, it's easy to do these days in EQ2 with all the stuff they put on.

    I guess work > gaming. At very least, work pays for gaming. :P

  2. Hehe, it's still going on! Yeah it is easy to lose track sometimes ;)

  3. Don't worry about WoW or what other people think about what you should be playing. Fun > all. I'm having fun with Lotro right now despites all the people telling me it sucks.

  4. Very true! I bet the LoTRO community is a refresher after WoW hehe.

  5. I constantly miss what EQ1 was years ago. Back when KC was a good place to get exp/trained. The reality is those glory days are gone. EQ1 is just a skeleton of its old self...

  6. Yes, I do miss those days. Given how old EQ is, I think it's doing far better than most expected it would at this point. It's just different now and you have to appreciate it for what it is.

    I would love to play classic again- I just don't ever see that happening. Up to Velious, maybe Luclin.. I do like the mounts and character models from this xpac ;)

  7. what I was looking for, thanks




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