Monday, April 12, 2010

Ding! (EQ2)

Recently I hit the level 50 mark in EQ2 with my Inquisitor! I am now halfway to 52, the highest I've yet to be in this game. It's getting to be more exciting to move on to content I've never experienced. Those sparkles in the pic above are from my level 50 fun spell, Unholy Aura, things like this are nice about the game.

I'm currently sitting on around 42 AA points, soon I will probably stop and just gain some AA levels for a bit. My partner in crime, Dire, is 36 now but he is working hard on AA points. He has around 51currently. We spent some time questing in Nektropos Castle which was quite fun. We finished all the quests there this week/end and also completed two heritage quests that involved a lot of time in there as well. The tank and healer combo is really great for us. It is nice taking the time and doing these instances I've never had a chance to explore. The game really opens up when you have people to play with.

My son actually wanted to try the game also and has a little Wood Elf Monk. I'm not too sure if he will stick with it but he was telling his uncle, the other night, how cool it was- That he should have come to EQ2 instead of back to WoW (LOL). Once again mentoring will be really great, if he sticks with it, to be able to help him and play along with him. We will have to see how it goes though.

Some of my friends are not playing as much these days. I think one has quit, I suppose he is busy with other stuff. We recently joined another guild (upon much thought) because it is just very dull not having people to talk with and just 'have around'. I intended to join another briefly to use my status and see how it was. But Dire has joined also and it's really nice to have people to help out with questions or just talk to. As I said before, people enrich the game. If the old guild picks up I'm sure we'd go back in a heartbeat but for now it's really nice, for Dire especially, to see what the game offers with guilds. Portals, a huge hall, status items and friends. We have met some really nice people in the guild which is a bonus!

Have a great week all!


  1. Thats good you both are enjoying it alot now.
    Might as well be happy!




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