Friday, April 23, 2010

Cloudy With a Chance of XP (EQ2)

Today, if you haven't heard, the EQ2 bonus xp weekend starts. I'll be soaking up some yummy xp this weekend. I was pondering making an alt or should I just push forward on the main? Hrmm decisions.. At any rate, I will enjoy the bonus.

Next week I will probably be starting on a weekly EQ2 guide for newbies, my friend Pouncealot has been curious about the game so I thought I'd just go from there and see how it works out. This weekend I am feeling a bit lazy and yeah I want my bonus xp! Honestly, I didn't sleep well last night so my head is a bit cloudy today.

My massive Blogroll has shortened quite a bit. Seriously I had way too many blogs listed- Over 70 many which cluttered up my reader causing me to pass over some of my favorite reads at times. If you want to be listed, have me on yours or whatever, let me know and I'll be sure to add you.

Happy (Late) Earth day. I was um... Cleaning up trash in Norrath so I sort of forgot to mention it ;) Be green or something this week.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Is that cloud a mount? If so I'm slightly jealous.

  2. Hehe, the one I'm on is actually a flight path. But there are mounts in the game that look just like it. I still have that one on the list of things to do!

  3. Newbie guide!?? How great that would be if this is the game I'm thinking about that just recently had the PVP added into it? (right or wrong?)

    If that's true, in your guide could you go into or cover where to start, as in with all the Xpacs and which to purchase if that makes sense. For example: Do I need EQ1 to use EQ2 or are they completely different? I guess thats my biggest question, also have you ventured into PVP?

    Well, I love reading newbie guides so I'm looking forward to your upcoming posts.

  4. Ah glad to see some interest! I'm working on a few ideas over the weekend and I'll start it on Monday.

    Yeah, we had PvP Battlegrounds added in recently, I'll make sure to cover that also since it's still fairly new- Well the battlegrounds. Feel free to list any other questions you can think of :D

    Oh and no, you don't need anything but EQ2 and I'll make sure to list the best way to get started. There are a few ways that save some money and make it easier to get rolling.

  5. Sweetness, I love newbie guides. EQ2 is one of the few games I haven't tried out. Looking forward to your posts.




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