Saturday, April 24, 2010

Change of Pace (EQ2)

Yesterday was a bit of a chance for me in EQ2. Xailia popped on and we ended up in a group with a Shadowknight headed to a dungeon. Which was pretty fun for a bit, but then that fell apart and Xai and I ended up logging when the Sk had to head out.

So, later on I hop on to play some more and the Shdaowknight asks me to join another group. I've not had a chance to group with many random people and there were four others, they were all friendly and nice. We set off for the Forsaken City, a dungeon none of us had been to. We had a really fun (even a little crazy) time and it was a nice change of pace for me. The dungeon was a bit tough but it was fun. I didn't exactly get any loot but the xp was nice, and that's what I went for. Plus I made new friends which was rewarding in itself.

While it took us awhile to get to the instance and we died a few times it was such a pleasant experience after playing WoW. We all know what a mess it can be grouping with random people, in most cases it can be a nightmare in Azeroth. However the community here isn't as rude and I really do notice this when I encounter people in this game. We do have our share of bad people but it's not such a large scale. That right there is something that makes a game a keeper. A great community can really make a game shine.

I ended the night grouping with Dire, who is now 44 now and I ended up getting 63. Not a bad day of playing. 

Till next time...

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