Monday, March 22, 2010

What I'm Not Playing- And Why

I often write about what I am playing, sometimes I suppose I don't really go into much depth about what I'm not playing and why. Sure, I say I'm bored but I don't always elaborate. So today I thought I'd write why I'm not playing some of the games I've been pretty excited about in the past few months- not playing currently, or at least not so much these days.

WoW- Lets start off with the big one. I suppose I've played this game a long while, since release. I have taken breaks in the past but never truly quit. I don't know if I have now, I don't really feel excited about Cataclysm any longer though. I think the game just feels short term with goals. Another thing would be the content is stretched out so thin it gets boring. Long waits on expansions, where you get bored hearing hype before it's even released. Well, I do anyhow. Also the community. While the new LFD system is great, it has taken a toll on the community in a bad way, in my opinion. Last but not least, everything is a big rush. Dungeons are just a race, but who wants to keep doing the same thing day in day out. It all goes back to the content being spread so thin.

Allods- I was pretty excited about this one. I don't know, what in particular, made me lose interest. I am sure I will pick it back up in the future. It is a nice little game, I suppose I wanted to give the game some time to smooth out before I spent more time within this world. The cash shop prices didn't help, not so much the prices though as the need of the items that the shop offered. Need items from the cash shop to play high end? No thanks. There are tons of quests in the game but it just sort of felt blah after awhile. Combat started to drag on, no auto attack didn't help. I just felt the leveling process was a bit boring after a few levels. I do hope this area gets polished up some, who knows though. The clincher would be open PvP. I don't like this, so probably not something I'd stick around for in the long run.

Free Realms- I still actually play, just not very often. The game offers a lot of cute things and some real fun events. But, all the really neat things are in the cash shop. To advance in levels I must pay a monthly fee on top of that. It's cheap sure, but add the CS and the subscription together and it could get pricey. The game doesn't have any high end and that gets boring quickly. It is a nice game for kids and people who like to pop in here and there. I still like this one a lot, I just don't think it suits me so much currently though- or at least my wallet.

Guild Wars- I am playing this on and off. Maybe once a week most. I wouldn't call that so much playing, plus maybe you are curious why I haven't wrote much on it. The game is great, it's just the missions start to get tedious sometimes. So this is a game I will continue to play, just not as frequently. It is a fantastic game, just one that will burn me out quickly if I play it all the time. I have had that happen in the past. I think Dire was going to play this one with me but he sort of waited so long I just quit bothering him about it.

I suppose the one that has been the longest going is sometimes the hardest to let go of. Look at Everquest I still can't let go of that one. I don't like to say I will never play a game again, because chances are I will play it again. None of these games are bad games, they've just lost their spark with me, for now. Some more so than others. So although I am not playing or talking about a game I just need a break, sometimes we all do. My characters are still there, waiting on me for when I indeed return.

Currently I am (very) happily playing Everquest 2. I think the game is better than it ever was, coming back at this time has been a good decision. Now if I could just get Dire to stop 'hating' on this game!



  1. Im not playing anything but I like to read your lovely blog!!

  2. It's hard sometimes to let go of a game that you've invested so much time and effect into.
    When I quit EQ2 it was like leaving an old friend behind but I don't regret the decision.

  3. @Janet Ty- :)

    @Greywulf- With me, I never truly quit games. They are always waiting on me to come back, the way I see it. Though it is hard sometimes to move on and let them sit there.




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