Sunday, March 21, 2010

Have Keg- Will Travel! (EQ2)

I've been having a really great time playing EQ2 lately. In the past I just rushed through the levels not taking time to enjoy the other things this game offers. I've been spending time each day gathering materials, for awhile I was selling them. I decided to take it a step further and try my hand at crafting.

I didn't plan on working on crafting until I had some levels under my belt. However, I received a pattern for the Brewmeister's Backpack upon completing my last Brew Day quest. It is a pack that shows up in the place of a cape (pictured up top), if you choose to show it and is a 36 slot backpack! I was just complaining about bag space the other day and this really is nice for someone starting over. So I made myself all 36 slot packs and then several other Brew Day items. I'm not rich in game, though I am not suffering for coin anymore. The Brewday and crafted items are selling for far more than the materials were. I am glad I took the time to work on crafting. It's definitely a nice change of pace as well. Plus now I can make myself some items I have wanted, which is very handy.

I had a chance to do the Moonlight Enchantments event. I sold a few things and also acquired a few cool items. It's the first time I've done them and I really like the idea of this event. This event lasts for two days and occurs on the 20th of each month. These rings are only visible when the phase of the moon is right ... which corresponds to the 20th of every month. There a lot of neat rewards and a collection also, so there is also much to do. If you don't want anything in particular they sell well to other players. 

I'm a hair away from level 25 on my Inquisitor. I figured I would keep working on her and pick up on the Warden another time. My crafting level is 14 now, it's been quite fun and rewarding so far. I think this game is very rich so far and rewarding in general- if you take the time to explore all it offers. I honestly don't know how high end will be but for now it's quite excellent. I haven't been bored yet-,since being back, there is always something for me to do.

Dire has been a little upset lately. One, the price of the CE Sentinel's Fate and two, he doesn't want to play it. He wants us to just play Everquest. Which has me torn as I really enjoy EQ2, I suppose I haven't felt so much like logging into EQ as much the past few days. I will have to make a point to play it with him this week. I also love that it is an extension of Everquest, which makes it that much more 'special' than other run of the mill games.

I'm not so much bored with EQ, I'm just more so excited about EQ2. It's a shiny 'new' toy all over again and I'm just having a lot of fun with it. One thing I don't like so much is my server, maybe it is better than what I have seen, I just have run into some jerks. I've also met some nice people though, helped some new players who were very appreciative. Showing people where something is or answering questions they may have. It's just how I am I suppose, I like to help players. I suppose that is why I like playing a healer!

Have a great week peeps!


  1. It's good to see you're still enjoying the game. 32 slot bags, would love to have that with my toons.

    Well I do but they are skill specific. /grins I do have the max slot bags on all my WoW toons though, yep even the bankers. :)

  2. The bag sizes get bigger than that. For now this is quite enough for me lol!

    Yes, I always wished WoW had bigger bags. Heck even use the bags in bank slots! I suppose that is part of what makes this game so appealing- so many options.




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