Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Movin' On Up- EQ2

Yesterday in EQ2 I realized I needed more room to sell my crafting wares. I noticed the slots in my house only allotted so many sales crates. I hadn't planned on buying a new house so soon, I still was content with my little two room apartment. I wanted to get a bigger house but just wasn't worried about it currently.

I decided to go check out the other houses and then figured I may as well buy the the one with the most slots in it, the biggest house in Neriak I could purchase. It has like seven rooms but I have much more room to sell with, so that made me happy. I tend to work on crafting each day so the items pile up, also things I've picked up along the way questing and harvested materials I don't need. It all adds up! I was telling my friends yesterday it was just way too big, but I will grow into it. I am really crazy about player housing anyhow so it gives me room to decorate. For now, I have all but one room decorated, I am sure as time goes by they will fill up even more.

There is always so much to do these days. I find myself soloing mostly but it doesn't bother me as I am always busy with goals to do harvesting, crafting, city quest for status and so on. So I really don't notice as much as I use to. Dire had been asking about it a bit today, he even mentioned 'If I played..' ... So I really hope he will. He is a bit concerned that it will be like WoW high end, boring for him. I can't really tell him much about high end but I did try to tell him how much there really is to the game these days. For example, I didn't know there were instances just for crafting! My friend told me about it yesterday and I was just really impressed. Starting at level 50 crafting you can do instances that award status also. I need to get busy! My crafting is only at 16.

I use to really hate Butcherblock. The quests were all over and it felt just.. blah. I decided to head over there a few days ago and was really surprised at how it has changed. There are new quests and quests that award status and city tokens. Oh those have kept me busy! Status allows you to buy things from the city merchant, really cool things. Titles, a door to the guild hall from your house, appearance armor, things for your house and so on. Some of it requires your guild to be a certain level, others don't. In the past I had to do a lot of running around for status quests and I really disliked it. This makes it flow in a more fun way, while questing. Plus, I can't wait to get some city tokens to use when the city festival comes around next month!

This time around in EQ2 I've really been immersed in the game. It's really grown into something wonderful. I just can't get enough of it. I hope high end holds up well for me. I still have a long way to go! It's really odd though, as I played last year and wasn't so much into it. I'm glad I gave it another shot, I am also glad my friends kept telling me I should play hehe. It's really well worth it, on many levels of gaming and fun.


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  1. It's always nice coming back to something you stepped away from and falling in love with it again. I'm happy that EQ2 has done that for you.




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