Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Something On The Side?

I still have so much stuff left to put onto my new computer, but I am not in any big rush. Just enjoying playing what I have on it for now. I am thinking of installing something else tonight to play around with when Dire isn't playing EQ with me. I just haven't figured out what I want to play that I already have. 

Last night I didn't get to install much of anything as I was busy with the old computer, trying to get it back up. Which I did. It's running like a top. It looks like all it needed was a new HD, so I switched another out of my sons computer and formatted, put everything back on it and found all the drivers.. blah blah blah. Fun Stuff. My son is very happy though. It is the nicest computer he has had. In actuality it is a real nice machine for a kid. Probably a bit too nice, as he can't take care of anything these days. I told him if he doesn't take care of it, it's his tail on the line! I already had to take the PS3 away from him. His rats chewed through two sets of cords, not buying anymore. For now Dire has it lol. But I am glad he has a good computer now- lets hope it keeps running this time around!

I am thinking about holding off on Allods until things get sorted out. The cash shop is sort of meh. I want to see how things go for a month or so. Plus I am getting a tad bit bored with it already. I just can't help it. It is lovely but I think those starting areas burnt me out a little. So I will come back in a few weeks and check it out. I did read there will be some changes so it might be good reason to hold off for now. Good to hear though!

We're still playing EQ, having a great time. I don't play it much when he isn't on though. I picked a class to go well with his and it's just more fun to play together. Plus I don't get burnt out soloing all the time. We are now parked at 65 stocking up on aa's. We tried Wall of Slaughter last night which gave some great aa xp, next time we are on I think we may head to MPG to see it's even better there. Once at 70 maybe RSS or DSH It's odd duoing in these zones with mercs and tearing the mobs to pieces. I remember having to turn away tanks because the mobs would obliterate them if they didn't have good enough gear. How the times have changed. I can solo out there now if I want, a far cry from how it once was. I rather like it though.

So for now I am going to think on what would be fun to play on the side, I have a pile of games sitting here with no subscription. My friend keeps waiting on me to start back on EQ2 but I need to buy the Sentinel's Fate expansion- That requires a resub and I only have seen the CE in stores- which would be the only box I would want to buy, just for the mount. We are suppose to be moving out around April so trying to save from here on out, that wouldn't be helping. I was thinking maybe one of my games that doesn't require a subscription for now. Any ideas? Maybe a reader might have an idea of a fun non-subscription based game I might enjoy.


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