Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Facepalm (MMO)

I read a lot of stuff, game sites, blogs, official sites and so on. At times news or comments on game happenings irritate me. Instead of writing on one particular topic or another, I decided to mention a few things that I've ran across, which happen to get under my skin. I promise not to point any fingers...

Game Irritations
Lets start off with the WoW irritation. Stat changes. Oh, they realized how redundant most stats introduced with BC were. So lets change them, add some more while we are in the process. Why can't they leave well enough alone, to begin with. How many changes have the classes suffered over the years?

Lets homogenize every class, they all get Mortal Strike, stuns and lets all be able to remove buffs. Lets all have the same stamina. Everyone has AoE. Everyone has CC. How about lets stop changing the game around. It's starting to look like a plastic surgery patient that has been under the knife one too many times. Stretched and distorted until we don't recognize it anymore. Nobody will notice a few extra nips and tucks at this point, right?

State of the game. This one annoys me. Lets talk about what we are talking about doing. If you would update information to the public in a steady flow, players would know the state of the game. Honestly they already do, when it gets to this point it usually means: 'We are in a bad state, but we want you to think we are so busy with fixing everything. Look at this magic rabbit we just pulled out of our... hat!'...

Reading Irritations
Blogs, everyone loves to complain- Yes, I decided to join in today. My first example would be - Making fun of one cash shop and buying from another. Seriously? SOE is a greedy company, cash shops are for greedy companies. But ,Allods Online, we can't wait to spend our money there. One is for an older game pulling in more funding in the place of the subscriptions it doesn't have- With FLUFF items- The other is a new game funding itself but making the items almost required to play it. Either you like them or you don't. This one really boggles me.

Also writers who talk about how much they dislike older MMO games, how they should die. Days later they write about playing one of the oldest of all and how great it is. This makes me doubt anything said writer has to say. Think about what you say before you write it. Maybe that was the point, not to. People love drama. OMG my guild found out I was talking about them!

This one has been bothering me for awhile. *Whiny Voice* 'I think MMO developers should make all MMOs like this game!'... If that was the case we'd all be playing World of Farmville or everything would go to console. Why don't MMOs end like RPG games? Why can't we have a Farmville MMO? Why don't we have all MMO games on the console? If you like those types of games: Go play them!

/plays worlds smallest violin...


  1. Lots of good points! Blogs...yea when you comment all the time and they never comment back or bother to look at yours!(not you...making a point)

  2. Ah yeah, gotta love that. Happens all too often. What can ya do >.<

  3. "World of Farmville" LOL...seriously, I laughed out loud and now everyone in the office is staring at me! @@

  4. That is one I had been thinking of for awhile, reading about how many users it has lately. Someone beat me to the punch recently in a post about it but I still had to use it.

    Glad you enjoyed it ;)




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