Monday, March 1, 2010

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining...

Yesterday I must have woken up with a rain cloud over my head. Normally I don't get into much detail with my personal life- but just to show you how bad my day was- Plus it ended up affecting my gaming. Yes, it actually did start raining before the day was over..

I had decided to take back a couple of rentals from Blockbuster to start the afternoon off. On my way home I decided to stop by Walmart and pick up some groceries. However, on the way there I had some crazy person try to cut me off at a turn and honk like crazy at me. Then I suppose they were so mad about not getting ahead of me, they followed me all the way to the store. Some fool thought he was going to scare a female driving alone. I could either A- Go home.. letting this deranged driver know where I lived, or B- Stop and call the police if they tried anything. I was really annoyed.

I decided to go with B- He then parked behind me, got out of his car and started to come around to the drivers side of my car. He must have noticed I did have a cell phone because he ran back around and got into his car. I actually had my windows down, I am sure he heard me reporting his stupid arse. So, once he tried to hightail it out, I got behind him and got his plate numbers. I was informed it would be his word against mine, that he wasn't there to shop- since he didn't actually confront me (By the Police Dept- who could have came out but I just let it go.). I ended up just going home, not wanting to go into a store after that. I didn't want to take any chances, it's always better to be safe than sorry. I decided to pick up some lunch on the way home and just go another day. I am very glad I had a cell phone, he may not have walked off if I hadn't had one.

Once home we had lunch and decided to play some EQ together for a bit, as it was Dire's only day off. Things were going better, maybe it wasn't such a bad day. Once in awhile you meet a crazy deranged person in Houston- Right?

So all seemed well until my computer locked up, blah. It ended up not wanting to boot up after this. Ah nothing new here! I wasn't in the mood to work on it again, I've had a lot of trouble with it over the last few months. I was just tired and frustrated by the evening and threw up my hands. Dire tried to get me to work on it.. I just wasn't up for it at this point.  I'm not formatting it, not going to try to fix anything. Not looking at it. No, I am finished with that computer. It probably needs a new hard drive, but I am in no mood to play PC doctor at this point. I've had to format so many times the last few months, losing so much off my computer in the process. I just wasn't in the mood to do anything else with it right then and there.

So Dire decided to take me out to look at some computers. I told him I just wanted to look, price some and see what was out there. We had priced a few online, but the one that seemed a decent deal wasn't in stock. Meh.. whatever. There was another similar to it but it wasn't going to be what I needed to game on- I'd run it into the ground quickly. They guy at the store tried to show it to me that one but I wasn't interested. However we did find a really nice one, a little more than I had been expecting to spend. Dire really wanted me to have one that would last and that would be good for what I like to do. It was getting late and he said I may as well get something decent.

                        ***Bounce, Bounce.. Happy Dance****

So it turns out every cloud has a silver lining. At least mine did! It is such a nice machine, I didn't want one with a monitor but this one came with one and it was actually a much nicer one than I had. Plus I've been due for a really nice machine for a long while. I told Dire my monitor looks like a window lol. I could reach in and touch my characters- ha! He laughed and told me to stop drooling or he might have to take it over(He has one just a couple inches smaller-20'inches wide screen- he isn't hurting for a monitor). It's a 22' inch wide screen and it is so really nice to game on. I actually have five- FIVE gigs of ram.. Sorry I've never had that much, two at the most. Very nice processor a ton of HD space- 600gigs- and a great video card. It's just so different playing my games on it, I am still drooling. *Takes a deep breath*

I was always running out of HD space and so on. Never enough room for all my games. I only had an 80 gig HD. So I am very very happy today. I don't have the patience to build one, my father built my last one for me. I think this one will do me good for a long while to come.

This evening I get to download my games, install this and that and try to get the old one up and running so I can pass it on to my son. I'm going to try swapping out another HD for him and see how it runs. It would be great for him if I did work on it. I suppose an early birthday present if I get it working- I am sure I can though, given some time. He turns 14 on Sunday- I already bought the one thing he really wanted- a PSP. I hope to have it up and running by then!

That's my lovely monitor in the pic, my phone camera is so so.. EQ is running, and you can see my stuffed pug I got for my birthday lol- along with my junk covered desk.

*Hugs her Dire*

May all your clouds have silver linings!


  1. Sooooo HAPPY for you YeY!!
    Its good to get perks when ya need em! lol.

  2. Hey congrats on the new computer.

    Too bad about the nutso guy that was following you around. :( I have a few stories similar to that.

  3. A new rig is always a good thing...gratz!

  4. Ty, yes indeed it is!




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