Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Last night I decided to install EQ2 on Dire's machine. Patched it and sent him a RaF email so I can try to catch him up to me quickly. He came home and made a character, so it looks like he will be playing this with me. He didn't actually play as it took him.. years.. to find a name that wasn't taken. Tonight he will play though. If he doesn't like it- I told him we don't have to play it. I have high hopes he will indeed like it. Tonight I will grab him some bags, sales crate and get him a mount so he can enjoy those things right off the bat. His gaming time is very little (working 70 hrs a week) so these things will make it easier for him starting out. He decided to go with a DE Shadowknight. I think this will go well with my Inquisitor. Plus it's such a great class, I think he will really enjoy it. (Gah, I had SOGA models on when I took the pic)

In other 'news' I received an email from Turbine adverting the spring festival and free play for all closed LoTRO accounts. I downloaded the game last night, so I think this time I will give it a shot and just see if I like it any better. I am happy with EQ2 but I have wanted to give LoTRO another chance. Also I want to check an in game event and see how I like it.

WoW had another patch (3.3.3) with more changes for the better, it looks like. No more PvP tokens, more honor awarded for HKs and bonus honor at the end. Definitely a better way of doing things IMO. I hated having to do a BG, I disliked over and over for tokens. WSG makes me want to punch murlocs. Sounds pretty cool, too bad I'm not feeling it still. On another note, the dungeon deserter debuff is now 30 minutes raised from 15. I think this is a good deal, people might think twice about leaving an instance because they didn't get the random they wanted. And the debuff is removed, instead it will show up in the LFD window. Haha, wait another 30 minutes suckers!

Have a great week peeps!

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