Thursday, March 25, 2010

Middle Earth or Norrath?

Yesterday I was out for most of the day but I managed to download LoTRO and set up a trial to give it another shot. I tried it about two years ago and when it went into open beta. I actually tried to play the game while it was downloading. It downloads a gig- then you can play as it continues to download. Didn't happen. Every time I tried to log in I crashed to the desktop after server select. I did numerous searches about the game crashing with Windows 7, all I found was tons of people having the same problem and zero answers.

I managed to get it running with a combination of removing it, reinstalling it and downloading the full game before trying to log in. It ran fine. So if you've had a similar problem, hope that helps. I couldn't find any answers so I just had to try a few things. It also says that my desktop color scheme changes when I log in... Odd. But it works.

I just can't get into this game. Sadly I don't think I'll be spending much more time on it, at least for now. It's a beautiful world but I just can't get past how frumpy and uncoordinated looking my characters were. Everyone has opinions and different taste, this game still isn't to my taste. The actual game play wasn't bad really. I tried out several classes. The questing system seemed decent. But, I just couldn't get into the game. It is quite lovely overall though. Maybe some other time perhaps.

I suppose I prefer Norrath to Middle Earth. It's no big deal as I am pretty busy with EQ2, which I don't plan on leaving anytime soon. I have been wanting to give LoRTO another try for awhile, so I went ahead and got it out of my system. I love my character in Norrath, I know the game and have a feel for it. Also I have a real connection to all things Everquest. I'm like the biggest Everquest cheerleader these days. <3 EQ and EQ2.

Last night Dire actually played EQ2. -=Hell has Frozen Over=- ... Sorry, heh. If you knew how adamantly he spoke against playing, in the past, you'd see where I was coming from. He actually had a nice time, he got to level eight and I showed him the ropes. I offered to play his character to twenty today, but he protested that he wanted to learn it. I was glad to hear that. I don't know just how interested he is, he played before but that was years ago and he has forgotten a lot. I hope his interest will grow. He still likes the feel of Everquest, the original.

I hit twenty-nine on my Inquis last night. I think I may hold of on tradeskills a bit and try to get some levels. I love the fact that I can always mentor him and still group with Dire. I plan on us doing a lot of stuff, if he sticks with it. I plan on sticking with this character, not hopping all over on alts like I sometimes tend to do.

See ya in Norrath!

BTW-Top pic is colored with the DE ability- infra-vision.


  1. Good to hear Mabb/Dire is playing EQ2. I would have hopped on last night had I known you two were on...

  2. He should be on at a decent hour this weekend. He gets on really late during the weekdays, after work.




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