Friday, March 26, 2010

Blasphemy, Questing and Crafting - EQ2

Last night we ended up getting Dire some more levels. He still thinks Everquest is better, but I think long term he will really enjoy this game more so. It is his choice though, whichever he prefers to play is fine with me. The last game he was really into was WoW, but we just got burnt out. As for Everquest, it's been an hour a night type of thing for quite some time. He told me the other day "I'd be fine to not play games anymore"... Blasphemy! He just has gotten bored, but he has seemed pretty inquisitive about EQ2 and told me today he wanted to try to get some more levels tonight. I mentor down and just throw heals and let him suck up the bonus xp. He prefers to do all the killing as I 'kill them all too fast for it to be fun'. I wish I killed things my level so quickly ha!

He was also asking me about crafting, what he should pick and also to help him find out what to put his AA's into for the SK. So it's looking more promising. I think I will work on getting crafting closer to 19, I want to do some work orders. I thought about holding off but I really need to get rid of some of these materials as they are starting to pile up. I also enjoy crafting, sometimes it gets annoying when I keep failing to make a green item. *Pulls her hair!*

Yesterday I decided to try to start the Split Paw quest line. I headed in there trying to get to the den in order to grab the quests but things were respawning quickly. So I ran back to town and picked up some invis totems, then I could just skip some mobs. I completed two instances, one was the Arena which was pretty fun and had some nifty rewards. I got a boars head to hang in my house and a little mushroom pet, whom I named Mushy. I still have one more quest left to do before I can get the shard that enables me to port directly into Paw.

My Inquisitor is almost 31 now. I'm slowly making progress. I have around 45k status banked, holding off to spend it until the guild gets higher and I can use it on some good stuff. I also have a bunch of city tokens waiting for the 1st of the month to use when the city festivals come around. Speaking of the 1st, Brell Day will be here soon! I am looking forward to doing that event and grabbing up some more crafting recipes from it. Om Nom Nom!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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