Monday, March 1, 2010

Nothing is Fool Proof (WoW)

Awhile back rumor was- Blizzard might possibly consider authenticators being mandatory. This brought up mixed reactions. Some people swear by them, others think they are a rip off and so on. I'll let you decide for yourself.

All in all I think people put too much faith in these little devices. Even if it is very rare, there is always the chance. I have better things to blow 15$ on.  Not the account security lotto- Maybe it will protect it... maybe it won't! Lets see what the magic numbers bring us today! There are many other ways to protect account information, this is one I never liked to begin with: Paying extra for account security!

It seems someone on the EU forums made a post about getting hacked with an authenticator. I wouldn't say it's an everyday thing, but nothing is fool proof. Did it happen? Well here is the blue reply to the post- it is possible and here is why:

 Kropacius posted in reply:
After looking into this, it has been escalated, but it is a Man in the Middle attack.
This is still perpetrated by key loggers, and no method is always 100% secure. has a bit more on it, if you care to indulge. I'm not surprised at all though to see this happen.The main thing is, play it safe. Nothing is 100%, take precautions, use anti-virus- don't always think you're 100% covered in any method. Anyhow, just something interesting I found. Might want to read up on it if you have one of those fancy password protectors- I mean authenticators.

Play it safe peeps!


  1. I definitely agree with you. I don't have an authenticator either. I do change my password often, and it's very long too.

    I remember hearing people talking about their authenticators being hacked a few months ago some had the audacity to say that they were lying. Having worked in the computer industry, and having some knowledge about the subject I was inclined to side with those claiming they this had happened.

  2. I know what you mean. I just don't know why people can't face the fact that there is always the chance to get hacked no matter what precautions you use.

    I think it is a bit harder, of course with one. Though I never cared for the idea of one.

    If it breaks or gets lost it's almost as much trouble as if you were hacked- Oh crud.. I can't get into my account.




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