Monday, March 15, 2010

Progress (EQ, EQ2)

I sometimes forget how hard it can be starting, or starting over in a game. I've had characters established in Everquest 2- but changing servers voids all I had. For the last few days I've kind of sulked about my bag space, or the lack of... Not having enough bag space to sell items on the broker, much less save every shiny I come across. I started working on harvesting and tradeskills then I got fed up with having no space and decided to do something about it.

I ended up farming shinies and trade materials. Logged out for awhile and when I returned I had made about two plat. I was very happy as even one plat does wonders for a player starting out. So, now I have two sales crates in my house and I picked up several twenty slot bags for my little Inquis. The thing about Everquest 2 is sell everything... It really all adds up. That put me in a much better mood.

It's not hard to make money if you invest some time into gathering and selling. Grab some containers to sell with and start from there. With this game, you have to have containers to put the auction items in, so it can be an annoyance when starting out with small bags. Collect all the shiny items you sell! While materials sell, the rares sell better.

I am having a nice enough time. I don't really like this server that much. I won't get into why, just think of the general chat in WoW.. it's pretty much the same here.

Everquest has been keeping me pretty entertained also. Tomorrow the Anniversary begins- Yay! I have been boxing our new little couple of alts a bit, I have them up to level 25 now. Tonight I plan on hitting 40 or close to, before Dire gets home. Unless I slack off and get lazy. I want to get 59 this week so I can get my AA mount. It's actually quite easy to obtain 60, if you know where to go and use DS pots.

I really like my Paladin, it gives me something a bit more hands, for a change. I doubt it takes the place of the Shaman, just something different. Tanks are too gear dependent, I don't have the mindset to be a min max player for every little AC aug under the sun. For a duo, it's quite fine.

See ya in Norrath... One or the other!


  1. Bag space is what I really miss the most about AoC you basically have three tabs in your inventory!
    Your main backpack which only has 20 slots, if you are lucky enough to buy a new one from the vendor you can have 32, since I purchased the collector's edition way back when, all my alts have the 32 slot bag.
    Second, is a 40 slot bag for all quest items (which never gets close to being fulled)
    Last but not least is your gathering bag which is 40 slots, thank Crom that harvested items are in stacks of 100.
    Needless to never have enough inventory space!

  2. Aye bag space is nice in EQ2. I love how you can put bags in the bank and put things in them also, (much like EQ, it gives you so much more bank space.

    Yeah, I remember running out of space in AoC!




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