Saturday, March 13, 2010

EQ Junkie(s)

Everquest 2
Returning to Everquest 2 has been a lot of fun so far, especially with friends. My bud made a Ratonga Dirge and I made a Dark Elf Inquisitor. I figure you can't go wrong with heals and it's always been a class I like. An old EQ friend Xailia, has a small guild established over on Crushbone so we decided to head over there  and join in. EQ Junkies is the guild's name. I love the name, it suits me well heh.

I actually have only made it to 14. I took some time to do some of the Brew Day. I love in game events so this is a great time for me to return. I think I am too low for at least one, I've done most of the quests already. I ended up dying several times in the process, it's to be expected. I got a few nifty items which made me pretty happy.

It's been pretty easy starting over on a new server, for the most part. It seems to be more populated than the one I was on previously. I miss my house and a few other things I had, but I really like this character quite a bit more so than the others I had. I even met a new player asking questions in /ooc I added to him friends and helped him the best I could with the questions he had about the game. I am not the EQ2 guru, but I do know enough to help a new player. He ended up buying the game as he was on a trial account and joined our guild. It's always nice to make friends along the way. So I am really looking forward to moving up and seeing more of the game this time around!

Yep, still playing this one too. Dire and I have been taking a different approach to gaining xp. We decided to drop the mercs and just duo to see how well we did. It is working out pretty good for now. We are still in the level range where my slows make a real difference. He is pretty set on sticking with this one, so I don't plan on leaving it.

Everquest will be eleven years old this year! Woot Woot! If you haven't seen the list of events, check it out here. Plus there are the usual holiday events for some items, xp potions and fabled mobs. Much fun to be had. I always love to play around this time of the year, anniversary time!

Evercracked, I finally ended up getting that with the EQ2 Collectors edition, I watched some of it, but I'm still waiting for Dire to sit down and watch it all. It's really great to hear about the history of such a great game came to be.

Have a great Weekend all!

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