Sunday, March 14, 2010


Today I am feeling lazy. I've been watching Dire play FFVII, not feeling like doing much. I was debating on playing Everquest or Everquest 2 for a bit when my bud calls asking me a bit about Everquest. So I thought I might write a little on how both are going lately. I really wish he would give it a try, I've been trying to get him to play for ages.

Sundays I always play Everquest, as this is the most time I get to spend in-game with Dire. We decided to make another little duo, Cleric and Paladin. He hasn't ever played one (besides boxing mine), and I wanted another go at something more melee oriented. In the pic you can see our wee little duo. This will be fun to get rolling.

On the 16th of this month, the anniversary events start. Always something exciting. I hope I get to attend the server party, if they have them again this year. Last year I had to work and wasn't happy about missing it.

Everquest 2 is going well. I hate to say this, as every server does differ... The community just reminds me so much of the WoW community. The chat last night was about.. Well I'm not going to even go there, it was gross and undignified. You get the point. I am not saying Everquest has a perfect community, it's one of the best though. I absolutely miss it when I am gone. Will it take a toll on how long I play EQ2? I doubt it, though Everquest will always have priority in my book over Everquest 2.

I've been leveling in Kunark with my little Inquisitor. She just hit 17, I'm in no rush to level but it is going at a decent pace and several aa's in the process which is quite nice. I want to hit 20 tomorrow so I can equip a cosmetic set that came as a claim item. I love the appearance tab. I have had fun questing, the Inquisitor is a very fun class for me. I'd like to see how it is high end, try my hand at healing in this game also. For now I will just enjoy the game and take it one day at a time.

It's sometimes hard to get past the look of the game, while it is nice- I think the goal for computers to catch up to the graphics was a tad too overdone (Yes, I read this somewhere recently.. I can't remember where). I just don't think the graphics are impressive enough. I only like one race enough to play.. so I get stuck playing Dark Elves. Each player is entitled to opinions, you may love them. I prefer the original. Each are lovely in their own way, I suppose.

Have a greet week peeps, see ya in Norrath!




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