Thursday, March 11, 2010

EQ2.. Down the Rabbit Hole I go..

After some thought and consideration I decided I will be heading back to Everquest 2 (along with EQ with my sweetie still). One of my best friends recently started back and an old EQ friend has been asking me to play. What better time to head back?! So, I am excited about starting back as I always loved this game, my biggest problem was being a bit lonely.

I am pretty excited, now if I can get Dire to play.. I'd be smitten. I'll give him some time ;) I really like having a game where you have friends who play, so this will be fun for me. Refreshing to start over with friends. I will be picking up and starting anew on Crushbone server. I feel like I am heading back to 'Wonderland', just in time for the Brewday!

So between emails and texting we've decided what server who is on. Plus, I can't wait to try it out on my new machine. Ah well my installation is finished up- Time for me to finish up things.

TGIF!..well almost!




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