Tuesday, February 2, 2010

WoW Thoughts

World of Warcraft really leads the MMO industry when it comes to ease of playing. Today I read about a new service now in development that will let players access the Auction House directly through the Armory website or Armory App for iPhone or iPod touch. You can read more about it here  in a post from Bornakk.

Blizzard is always one step ahead with new innovative ideas on how to make the game more appealing. Gotta give it to them for that. It's an ever changing game. But is it something we really need? I don't see myself really using them very much. 

I would prefer time spent on other things.. Maybe ideas on getting my Druid to play with out being in FUGLY forms.. Or maybe getting expansions out once a year?!  I am kind of stagnated with WoW at the moment I suppose, it happens more frequently these days. I've been playing since Dec. 9th- 2004. It was hard to pull away from Everquest so I didn't hop on directly at release. And yes I am truly geeky to remember that date...

I can't say I am tired of WoW, I really love playing. I suppose I just would like to see expansions at a yearly rate. Plus I suppose sometimes it feels like a PvP game with PvE content as a bonus with all the nerfs changes because of the Arena... I don't dislike PvP at all, I dislike PvE nerfs because of Arena though.

WoW isn't the same game it started as, all games evolve. It's still fantastic and the leading MMO for good reason. Just some thoughts :)

I'm still a bit crabby about the death of Arthas I think >< May he R.I.P...


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