Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Questions

As a blogger I use tools to see what is going on behind the scene on my site. I like to keep up with how many people are (or aren't heh) visiting my site. I've used them as long as I've been blogging and they are very handy. I can see what someone searched to find my site, and much more. However today I just wanted to answer a few questions I saw leading to my site.

I am sure some of those people may never come back, sometimes though I see similar questions so.. I will answer them in hopes to help someone out in the future!

A- Yes, that is the only way you can obtain the extra reward from this instance.

Q- how to max dps on brigand
A- Best bet would be to check out the forums, they have some great info on builds ect.. you can find a lot of info in the Birgand Forums

Q- wow pug pet what instance. 
A- Any Heroic- The key is grouping with 100 random people using the dungeon tool- over time to get the achievement.

Q- do police use pugs for work
A- I know this one came up because of my post 'Pug Police'. I got a chuckle out of it.  Just because it really made me smile -the best answer may be found here.

Q- allods online most overpowered class
Q- Honestly this one came up a lot, and it's one I don't know the answer to. The best bet is to go to the source to find out- Allods Forums. I am sure there will be a lot of information there to find out this answer.

Q- I have seen a few questions on Mr. Chilly and the Perky Pug having emotes. Do they?
A- They have cute things they do randomly. If you mean - for instance: /bow or something similar like the Pandaran Monk, then no. They do not have any emotes they react to.

Q- EQ2 Illusionist Specs.
A- Much like the Brigand question- the EQ2 Forums are full of so much useful information. You can find the Illusionist Forums here.

Q- jaina and arthas will they be together again
A- I highly doubt it. Refer to my last post for more reasoning why ;)

Q- everquest soloing
A- Ohh Everquest. Soloing- Broad words there. Can you? Yes, how? Depends on what class. The forums have tons of useful information to specific classes. You can find those here. Or if anyone has any questions on a specific class, always feel free to email me or leave a post :)

Q-  being kicked from wow pug group tool
A- Not really a question but it has come up a lot. You can be randomly kicked from a dungeon after 15 minutes into it if the other players vote you out. 

Q- best way to get money wotlk WoW
A- This has come up in various wordings. 1# way to get money is to get a battered hilt! Professions can reap money and daily quests. Is there any easy way to make money in WoW? Sell everything, gathering professions and professions- it all takes work.  But- Everything adds up. Another thing is Non Combat pets- These sell for a lot of money in some cases, depending on which you get and how many are on the auction house on your server. You can find them all listed here. Are there other ways? You can find guides on gold, they are basically using common sense. There is no magical way to get money in WoW that these guides will tell you. There are bloggers, such as The Greedy Goblin, that focus more on making money than I do, you can find this one here.

Q- so many dungeon jerks wow
A- Not a question- But I highly agree!

Q- wow racials patch 3.2.2
A- You can find out all the updated racial traits here, on the official site.

Q- how to make money with jewelcrafting wotlk mmo
A- A good friend of mine has a lot of  knowledge on JC- Pouncealot of Heals and Dots. Check out her site here

I've not covered them all, but that is all I have time for today. . I'm not the expert on everything but having played so many games for so long I do try to be knowledgeable on all things MMO :)

Happy Groundhog Day!


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