Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Foo Pets


This is really an MMO, but a cute little 'game'- Foo Pets. While I am not interested in pet games most of the time, these cute little guys are simply adorable! And I might add.. realistic too. Great little game for kids easpecially if they like animals. The animated animals are stunning.

Of course I had to make a Pug named Gizmo! It's a cute little game anyone can enjoy. You can feed and water your pet, play catch, bathe and pet your animal. You can also take pictures (share them on facebook if you like).

So while it's not a game I would normally play, I thought it was too cute not to mention- I actually had fun playing with little Gizmo. Enjoy the pics! If you're interested you can find the site here.






  1. I made a pet too! He is Gizmoser lol. Who else but the one and only! Hey how did you make the living room area and all? Isnt that cute how the pug lays on his tummy with his feet out like flippers on the real dogs?! lol

  2. Yeah they really look so realistic. You change it in the options. At the bottom of his screen there are icons, looks like an artist pallet, says Open Designer. Click that.




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