Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shopping Time!

Whoa boy, I can do some damage shopping. Add in cash shops to a MMO and my husband fears the worst! He says I could do more damage there than actually out shopping. I'm drooling all over the screen as I window shop- or should I say 'screen shop'. Yep, my nose is pushed right up to the screen looking at goodies.

Some people dislike cash shops. In some games I don't really mind them, I actually don't mind them much at all. With the changes to Free Realms I don't really like that it's not so much free with a cash shop on top of it for the coolest items. However it's a cheap subscription. In Allods it's a different story, the game is free to play through out the whole game, the shop funds the game.

The cash shop finally went live! There have been some people up in arms over it. If you check out the prices some seem ok and others seem truly outrageous. Twenty USD for a twenty slot backpack. That seems a bit over the top when you can do a quest to get a twenty-four slot bag.

Nothing in there currently has really caught my attention. I didn't see anything in there I had to have really. What are your thoughts on the new cash shop?

Free Realms
Today mounts were added in. It's something I really wanted and they look pretty cool but still- PONIES please! Ponies with wings at that! None the less I am really happy to see mounts in Free Realms. I didn't even see this one coming! They are currently dinosaurs T-Rex to be exact and dragons. They come in various colors. Isn't the purple lovely?!


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