Saturday, February 20, 2010

As The World Turns- Allods

I finally got out of newbie land in Allods today. It felt better getting out of the heavily populated area. Things were not so cramped, still people everywhere but it wasn't as bad. I actually logged on at  five am the other day and it wasn't bad at all. As the hour got later, the area filled up more so.

I got to see the big city for the League. It was pretty impressive. It was really a lovely city, I actually had a time trying to find all the quest npc's there as it is large. Eventually I made my way out of the city gates to quest.

Questing in Allods is pretty easy. There is a built in quest tracker and everything is lit up on the map with markers, which helps a lot. A pro tip here- Z key accesses certain things. I found this out the hard way, wondering how they heck I was to get onto a ship from a portal pad. Thankfully someone let me in on that tip, I didn't see anywhere it told me to use it, I suppose I could have overlooked it.

Anyhow, the XP is very slow, quest mobs don't drop items you need very often. It can get a bit grindy at times, this can be exhausting if you are competing in a heavily populated area. I'm not jaded by this, just something to mention. I also noticed that if you go to your class trainer from level five and up you can buy a gear package from the trainer. Very cool, I put mine on and ... I looked just the same as when I popped out of the tutorial. Lets hope the next set looks better!

The summoner is pretty neat. I spent my points (I am only level seven- yeah, yeah I need to get on the ball..) into the Hellion again this level. He is a bit tougher seems to have a charge ability and looks like he fears mobs at low health. I still have to watch that I don't out aggro him, but he is better than the last rank. In closed beta the pet seemed to tank much better, when it comes to aggro. I can only hope he gets better with levels.

I did make a summoner on the other side to check out the other city -Empire, plus I love the mechanical looking race- Arisen. I named her Mecha, I thought the name appropriate. I haven't gotten her very far as once again there were a billion people leveling there. So I will save that for another day.

I will continue to level, hopefully I pick up some speed soon! I just have been taking my time. Plus I have other games I do play, so this is something on the side. However I really like it a lot and think I will be playing it for awhile!

Has anyone died yet? I did once, when I tried to kill a mob, which turned out to need a raid to kill. It was like under level 10. I eventually got into a raid for him, or I would have had to skip it. So yeah, death. You go to Purgatory. It seems you queue up to be rezzed. While the idea is innovative, it is kind of an odd mechanic. I will have to die some more and see how bad it can get, lets just let that happen in due time!

Has anyone else gained many levels? Thoughts on how the leveling process has been for you? I am curious to know how others are faring since they started!


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